15H45 Olympique de Médéa 1-1 US Biskra
15H45 RC Relizane 0-8 CR Belouizdad
15H45 Paradou AC 0-1 USM Alger
15H45 NC Magra 0-0 MC Oran
15H45 CS Constantine 3-3 Hilal Baladiat Chelghoum Laïd
15H45 NA Hussein Dey 0-1 RC Arbaâ
13H00 Stade Renard de Melong - Tonnerre Kalara Club de Yaoundé
13H00 PWD de Bamenda - New Star de Douala
14H30 Racing de Bafoussam - APEJES Football Academy
14H30 Colombe Sportive du Dja et Lobo - Panthère Sportive du Ndé
14H30 Bamboutos de Mbouda - Avion Academy FC
14H30 Cotonsport de Garoua - Yafoot FC (Yaoundé FC II)
14H30 Dragon Club de Yaoundé - Eding Sport FC de la Lékié
14H30 Renaissance FC de Ngoumou - Union des Mouvements Sportifs de Loum
15H00 Young Sport Academy Bamenda - AS Fortuna Mfou
15H00 Union Sportive de Douala - Canon de Yaoundé
15H00 OFTA FC - Fovu Club de Baham
17H00 Djiko FC de Bandjoun - Les Astres FC de Douala
14H30 Gazelle FC - AS Matelots
14H00 Étoile du Congo - CA Renaissance Aiglon Brazzaville
14H00 FC Nathaly's de Pointe-Noire - AS Cheminots de Pointe-Noire
13H30 US Panda B5 - AS Kuya Sport
16H30 El Gouna 1-0 Al Ittihad Al Iskandary
19H00 Misr Lel Makkasa 0-0 Pharco
17H00 AS Onze Créateurs de Niaréla - US Bougouba
17H00 AS Korofina - Club Olympique de Bamako
19H00 Lafia Club de Bamako - AS Olympique de Missira
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BAL 2022: Day 1 highlights and standings plus fixtures

BAL 2022: Day 1 highlights and standings plus fixtures

The Nile Conference ended its first day on Sunday with the respective victories of the Armed Forces and Police of Cameroon and Petro Luanda before Espoir Fukash (77-60) and Cape Town Tigers (90-61). The Angolan team of Petro Luanda is the leader of this Conference. However, some players have marked this first day;Joel Freitas (23 pts), Carlos Morais (23 pts), Myan Keer Kirr (18 pts, 22 rbds) and Ike Diogu (17 pts).

Zamalek's 17-pt win over Cobra Sport in the Nile Conference opener on Sunday was a great success with Diogu being the main man. The Nigerian winger was helped by Dary Stawberry (14 pts) without forgetting the star of Egyptian basketball Anas Mahmoud, author of a double-double (10 pts and 11 rbds). Zamalek (2 pts +17) is currently 2nd in the Nile Conference.

His team's defeat overshadowed his statistics. The South Sudanese interior, Myan Keer Kiir, gave a good performance with 18 pts and 22 rbds. He dominates the top rebounding rankings. Cobra Sport (1 pt -17) is in 4th place.

Freitas Almeida 'lights up' Hope
The Armed Forces and Police went fishing for a "Blue Shark" in Cape Verdean waters in the person of Joel Freitas Almeida. The 36-year-old point guard carried his team against the Congolese Espoir Fukash (77-60). The Cape Verdean was outstanding with 23 pts in 25 minutes of play. He averaged 58% from 3-point range, or 7 out of 12. He is co-leading scorer of the Nile Conference with Carlos Morais.

The Cameroonian team did not make a mistake in recruiting him. The hopeful Fukash was not ridiculous in this game. And one player stood up to the FAP for a long time. It was Bobo Kasongo Kasasa who scored 14 points, including 9 3-pointers in 28 minutes. Forces Armées et Police (2 pts +17) are in 3rd place, while Espoir Fukash (1 pt -17) is 5th.

Morais has a good reputation
Carried by Carlos Morais, Petro Luanda showed its ambitions against Cape Town Tigers (90-61). The four-time Angolan champion (2005, 2007, 2009 and 2013) showed his talent in this game. He finished the game with (23 pts, 4 rbds, 3 assists) in 26 minutes of play. Morais shares the 1st place of the best scorers with Joel Freitas Almeida (FAP).

Petro Luanda has taken the first place in the Nile Conference and sends a strong signal to their next opponents. The South African team of Cape Town Tigers continues its learning curve in the tournament. They will meet holders Zamalek on Tuesday, starting at 9 pm GMT.


Match schedule
Saturday 9 April 2022

Zamalek - Cobra Sport 80-63

Sunday 10 April 2022

FAP - Espoir Fukash 77-60

Cape Town Tigers - Petro Luanda 61-90

Tuesday 12 April 2022

5:30 pm Petro Luanda - Cobra Sport

9 pm Cape Town Tigers - Zamalek

Wednesday 13 April 2022

5:30 pm Cobra Sport - Espoir Fukash

9 pm FAP - Cape Town Tigers

Friday 15 March 2022

5:30 pm Cobra Sport - Cape Town Tigers

9 pm  Zamalek - Petro Luanda

Saturday 16 April 2022

5:30 pm Petro Luanda - FAP

9 pm  Espoir Fukash - Zamalek

Monday 18 April 2022

5:30 pm Petro Luanda - Espoir Fukash

9 pm FAP - Cobra Sport

Tuesday 19 April 2022

5:30 pm Espoir Fukash - Cape Town Tigers

9 pm  Zamalek - FAP

Standings Day 1
1st Petro Luanda (2 pts +29), 2nd Zamalek (2 pts +17), 3rd FAP (2 pts +17), 4th Espoir Fukash (1 pt -17), 5th Cobra Sport (1 pt -17), 6thCape Town (1 pt -29)


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