16H00 Madagascar 3-1 Mozambique
19H00 Niger 2-0 Ghana
13H00 Tonnerre Kalara Club de Yaoundé - Foncha Street FC
14H00 Leopard Sportif de Douala - Rangers Bafut
14H00 Aigle Royal de Moungo FC - Unisport de Bafang
16H00 Dynamo de Douala FC - Stade FC de Bertoua
14H00 Vita Club de Mokanda - AS Otôho d'Oyo
14H00 Diables Noirs - AS Jeunesse Unie de Kintélé
15H00 Al Masry Club 1-2 Pharco
15H00 AS Forces Armées Royales de Rabat 3-2 Mouloudia Club d'Oujda
15H00 Moghreb Athlétic de Tétouan 1-1 Maghreb AS de Fès
17H15 Olympic Club de Safi 3-1 Raja Club Athletic de Casablanca
19H30 Jeunesse Sportive Soualem 2-0 Ittihad Riadhi de Tanger
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BAL 2022 - Nile Conference: 'Cobras' show no mercy as Ganapamo topple FAP

Cape Town Tigers
BAL 2022 - Nile Conference: 'Cobras' show no mercy as Ganapamo topple FAP

The Africa Basketball League reveals one or more talents every day. On Wednesday, three players led their teams to success. South Sudanese Mayan Keer Kiir and Padiet Wang helped Cobra Sport defeat Fukash Hope 108-82. Another young talent also shone in the person of Evans Ganapamo, the winger of Cape Town Tigers, who scored the winning basket against Armed Forces and Police (73-70).

The 24 year old Mayan Keer Kiir and Padiet Wang gave Cobra Sport their first win in the Nile Conference. The South Sudanese team is back on track after two defeats against Zamalek (63-80, 1st day) and Petro Luanda (56-92, 2nd day). The two youngsters have performed XXL. Able to play as a strong winger and a pivot, Mayan Keer Kiir (2m06, 99 kg) got his second double-double in the tournament. He scored 24 points and 11 rebounds without forgetting his 4 assists in 24 minutes of play. Mayan, who has the same last name as South Sudanese President Salva Kiir, was good almost everywhere: 9 -13 in 2-pointers (69%), 1-2 in 3-pointers (50%) and 3-6 in free throws (50%). Keer Kiir started his professional career this year with the Basketball Africa League. Mayan had a double-double of 18 pts, 22 rbds) against Zamalek.

His teammate, Padiet Wang (point guard), is more familiar with the game. He has played in the NCAA and in Portugal. He is in the national team and played in the last window of the 2023 World Cup qualifiers in Dakar. Technical and able to take the game in hand, Wang (1m94, 75 kg) regaled with passes, 8 in total against Espoir Fukash. In 33 minutes, he showed his skill with 24 points. He also achieved his best performance since the beginning of the BAL. The Kiir-Wang duo put the Cobra back on track.

As for Espoir Fukash (2 pts -43), they are at the bottom of the table with only 2 games played.

Ganapamo kill off FAP
3rd before facing Cape Town Tigers, the Armed Forces and Police from Cameroon had to win to stay in touch with Petro Luanda and Zamalek. But FAP team could not string together a second straight victory. They lost to Cape Town Tigers (70-73). The tormentor of the FAP is Evans Ganapamo. The 27 year old back row player scored the winning basket. He finished the game with (24 pts, 4 rebounds and 2 assists) in 34 minutes of play. Ganapamo (27 years old, 1m96, 84 kg) is averaging 15.5 pts per game since the start of the tournament. He is one of Cape Town's biggest assets. The young man is capable of shooting from all distances and has great penetration strength. His contribution in the game is considerable, hence his high playing time of 34 to 36 minutes per game. This win for Cape Town revives their Nile Conference campaign.


Match schedule
Saturday 9 April 2022

Zamalek - Cobra Sport 80-63

Sunday 10 April 2022

FAP - Espoir Fukash 77-60

Cape Town Tigers - Petro Luanda 61-90

Tuesday 12 April 2022

Petro Luanda - Cobra Sport 92-56

Cape Town Tigers - Zamalek 77-101

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Cobra Sport - Espoir Fukash 108-82

FAP - Cape Town Tigers 70-73

Friday 15 March 2022

5:30 Cobra Sport - Cape Town Tigers

9:00 Zamalek - Petro Luanda

Saturday 16 April 2022

5:30 Petro Luanda - FAP

9:00 Espoir Fukash - Zamalek

Monday 18 April 2022

5:30 Petro Luanda - Espoir Fukash

9:00 FAP - Cobra Sport

Tuesday 19 April 2022

5:30 Espoir Fukash - Cape Town Tigers

9:00 Zamalek - FAP

Matchday 3 standings

1st Petro Luanda (4 pts +65), 2nd Zamalek (4 pts +41), 3rd Cobra Sport (4 pts -27), 4th Cape Town (4 pts -50), 5th FAP (3 pts +14),6th Espoir Fukash (2 pts -43)


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