13H00 Raed Chabab Gharb d'Oran - AS Khroub
13H00 Union Sportive des Chaouia - NA Hussein Dey
13H00 MB Barika - ARB Bir Bouhouche
13H00 JS Azazga - JS Guir Abadla
13H00 USF Constantine - EC Oued Smar
13H00 CR Témouchent - Jeunesse Sportive de Bordj Ménaïel
13H00 Académie Amel Médéa Football - NRB Teleghma
13H00 CRB El Milia - NRB Touggourt
13H00 AS Bana Nouvelle Génération - FC Nathaly's de Pointe-Noire
15H00 Étoile du Congo - AS Cheminots de Pointe-Noire
13H30 US Tshinkunku de Kananga - Etoile de Kivu FC
13H30 FC Simba - SM Sanga Balende
13H30 Tout Puissant Mazembe - AS Kuya Sport
13H30 US Panda B52 Likasi - AS Vita Club
15H30 FC Lys Sassandra - Sporting Club de Gagnoa
17H45 San-Pédro FC - SOL FC
15H00 Zamalek SC 1-0 Al Masry Club
15H45 Union Sportive du Cercle de Kita - AS Onze Créateurs de Niaréla
15H45 US Bougouni - Lafia Club de Bamako
16H00 Binga FC - AS Black Stars
18H00 AS Police de Bamako - Afrique Football Élite
16H30 Teungueth FC - ASC La Linguère de Saint-Louis
16H30 AS des Douanes - AS Académie Génération Foot
16H30 ASC les Jaraaf de Dakar - AS Dakar Sacré Cœur
16H30 Sonacos de Diourbel - Union Sportive Goréenne

Football - Barbara Banda: Excluded by CAF accepted by COSAFA

Barbara Banda
Football - Barbara Banda: Excluded by CAF accepted by COSAFA

Barbara Banda has been excluded from the Women's CAN. CAF mentioned medical reasons without giving any details. The star of the Zambian team would present a high level of testosterone, reason for which she did not play the CAN in Morocco. The 22-year-old striker is currently taking part in the Women's Cosafa Cup. She even scored twice in her first game.

Barbara Banda has been a big hit for Zambia in the COSAFA Cup. The Cooper Queens captain scored twice against Namibia (2-0) in her first game of the competition. She was even named woman of the match despite not finishing the game due to an injury in the 78th minute. Thanks to Banda, Zambia is at the top of Group B before they meet Lesotho, who defeated Mauritius 3-0.


Banda excluded from the Women's AFCON
With Barbara Banda, Zambia could at least qualify for the final of the Women's AFCON. But CAF decided otherwise. The authority excluded the player, the day of the kick-off. The reason? Medical problems. And CAF stopped there without giving any details. The real reason is that Banda would have a very high testosterone level. The information was given by the president of the Zambian Football Association (FAZ), Andrew Kamanga. "All players had to undergo a gender check, a requirement of CAF, and unfortunately, she did not meet the criteria set by CAF."

She did, however, play in the Olympics with Zambia where she scored two hat-tricks. The 22-year-old striker even became the first female footballer to achieve such a performance in the history of the tournament. What to raise questions. The CAF wanted to wash its hands of it afterwards. The authority even maintained that its medical commission was not aware of the case "Barbara Banda". What had put the president of the FAZ in a black anger. "It was a grossly unfair statement by CAF because all federations participating in this tournament (AFCON) were subject to the rules that were set by CAF. In this regard, we were obliged to deal with medical requirements in the context of the eligibility of players. That CAF turns around and says it was not aware of this is unfortunate," he said.

Despite an impressive run at the Olympics and a fairly successful season in China, Barbara Banda's name did not appear on the list of 30 nominees for the African player of the year award. Amazing!


SNA tells you more!

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