Cameroon: Fécavolley in crisis as the FIVB takes position

Bello Bourdanne prend l'avantage dans la bataille pour le contrôle de la Fécavolley.
Cameroon: Fécavolley in crisis as the FIVB takes position

While the leadership war rages in the Cameroonian Volleyball Federation (Fécavolley), the international body has officially taken sides with one of the two elected presidents.

Between the two leaders elected to the presidency of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation (Fécavolley), the FIVB has finally chosen. The international body confirms the election of Bello Bourdanne, held on January 20, 2023."We have taken note of the elections held on January 20 in Yaoundé, during the elective General Assembly of the Federation during which you were elected president of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation," wrote the president of the FIVB Ary Graça Filho to the new boss of the Fécavolley, on February 6.

The official position of the FIVB is confirmed 24 hours later on its website through an article entitled: "Bello Bourdanne elected president of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation". A position consistent with that already expressed by the Cameroonian Ministry of Sports and the National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSC).

"The National Olympic Committee of the country has confirmed that the elections were held in accordance with the applicable statutes of the Cameroon Volleyball Federation and has verified its composition," notes the FIVB. Consequently: "the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports have recognized the elections as well as the FIVB and the Confederation of African Volleyball (CAVB)," the international body ruled.

The opposing camp does not disarm
In Yaoundé, the other elected Bureau of Fecavolley does not disarm. The communication of the FIVB does not cause any comment. "All this is pure agitation. We are serene and know that the truth will triumph," argues a supporter of Julien Serge Abouem. The "president" elected last February 4 pretends not to be worried by the two recent publications of the international federation. For him, the FIVB has only reacted to a letter from the president of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon, about the election of his rival Bello Bourdanne. Nothing more!

To hear him, the battle is far from being folded. Especially, he says, that the Court of First Instance of Yaoundé has just cancelled the election of Bello Bourdanne. "The FIVB has not yet received notification of the order. Its position is normal. The order will impose itself," said Julien Serge Abouem. In law, the judge's act is above the order of the Minister [of Sports]". To be continued...

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