FECAFOOT: Eto'o shocks late comers at the office

FECAFOOT: Eto'o shocks late comers at the office

Samuel Eto'o has just arrived at the head of the Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT) and is already starting to dictate his law within the body. The former Indomitable Lions captain is said to have sacked a security guard this Tuesday morning as well as left late comers stranded at the entrance of the football body's headquarters in Tsinga, Yaounde.

A new wind is starting to blow in Cameroonian football. Samuel Eto'o, who was recently elected to head the Cameroon Football Federation, is gradually applying his method within the body. The former Barcelona striker arrived early (6:45 GMT) at the headquarters of the federation on Tuesday and ordered the security guard to close the gate at 7:00 GMT. And so not to let in latecomers.

Thus, several employees of the Cameroonian football umbrella organization, who arrived after 8:00 am, remained blocked in front of the Federation's entrance. Before receiving the order to return home. But according to a report, one of the guards in charge of preventing the latecomers from entering the headquarters of FECAFOOT would have left the access free to a former Indomitable Lion who works in the body. This would have provoked the anger of Samuel Eto'o who would have fired him on the spot, according to local reports in Yaounde.

It should be recalled that yesterday, during his contact tour with his new collaborators, the former Inter Milan player had indicated his expectations to staff and his desire to see things change. The employees of FECAFOOT will have to get used to a different way of operating. Since his election, Samuel Eto'o has multiplied actions to mark an end with the management model of the former team.

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