Football - Cameroon: 44 cases of age fraud detected as players get summoned

Football - Cameroon: 44 cases of age fraud detected as players get summoned

The Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT has seen a series of face lifts since the coming in of President Samuel Eto'o and his managerial schemes. From ensuring sanity in the Indomitable Lion's den, erasing the issues of unpaid match and competition bonuses, evidently there is some change at FECAFOOT.

Another aspect which has been gaining the President's attention is the issue of footballers fraud their ages in Cameroon. FECAFOOT has recently published a list that is definitely the result of their recent investigations on some local teams, players and their club presidents. In a letter, Salatou Baba, president of the Investigation Chamber of the Ethics Commission of the Cameroon Football Federation indicates that 44 players, as well as the presidents of their respective clubs have been summoned for a procedure that will take place from 4 to 8 July. "The parties concerned are invited to appear, assisted or not by their counsels, for their hearing. If they do not appear, the Chamber will draw all the legal consequences," the statement said. The 44 players are suspected of "forgery (cheating on age and/or identity) and complicity."

Speaking with a few players of the South West Regional League based in Limbe, they are not very shocked by the FECAFOOT outing and some have equally raised another worrying issue. The players have decried the fact that some teams have gone ahead to register them without their concern nor a signed contract. Players have argued that their previous teams still register them for the current season even when they are free agents.

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