Football - DR Congo: Crisis at Vita Club

Football - DR Congo: Crisis at Vita Club

Unrest between supporters and the management of AS Vita Club of the DR Congo. It all started with the loss of the championship title, the consequence of the deduction of 9 points owing to the double affiliation of a player: Matutala Zao.

AS Vita Club supporters and sympathizers have still not digested the administrative error of the club's management, led by Bestine Kazadi. This blunder on the player Matutala Zao, for double affiliation, had cost AS V.Club 9 points. The team finished third in the championship with 65 points and lost its title in the process.

Since then, the club has been in turmoil. This led the Supreme Council to convene a meeting on Monday 2 August. At the end of the meeting, it was decided that the current management committee of the club be dismissed.  "It is absurd to see that a team that was champion can be split up for unfounded reasons," said André Kimbuta.

"As soon as there is a problem, we come to the Supreme Council to seek a solution. This time, every candidate will have to fill in a commitment form. This will be done before the elections to allow the team that will be elected to work in a serene climate," continues this influential member of the Supreme Council.

New elections expected
There is a deep division in the committee, with the camp of the coordination president, Bestine Kazadi, on one side and the vice-president in charge of the football on the other. Vicky Ndunga says he is "stifled" by the president. He accuses Kazadi of not letting him do his work in peace. These "aggrieved" people, however, consider the management of the president Bestine Kazadi to be opaque and cumbersome.

Elected on 1 July 2020, the Committee led by the latter will then have to give way. And before the end of its mandate in 2024.

The supreme council of the club, composed of the wise men and former presidents of the team, has promised to convene a new elective general assembly in the near future. In order to put in place a new team to lead the Green and Black Club of Kinshasa. "A list of criteria will be published soon. The next committee will have to follow a roadmap that will be put in place by the wise men of the team," warns Colonel Nyombi, president of the Supreme Council.


Players are exiting the club already

This unhealthy climate has a strong impact on the life of the group with some of the team's executives leaving. This is notably the case of the captain Djuma Shabani. And also the club's top scorer, Fiston Kalala Mayele. Both have left for Tanzania to join Young Africans.

Winger Jesus Moloko Ducapel is very close to signing for AS Maniema Union. The player has requested to leave Kinshasa. He is already in the city of Goma where he is training with Kindu.

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