NBA: Embiid inducted as Sixers suffocated in Philadelphia

Joel Embiid
NBA: Embiid inducted as Sixers suffocated in Philadelphia

As the series passed in Philadelphia, the opportunity was good for the Sixers to celebrate the title of MVP of Joel Embiid and to take back the lead. But the Celtics, serious and applied, spoiled the party (114-102).

Joel Embiid was surely dreaming of a better night. Elected MVP of the regular season on Wednesday, the Cameroonian pivot was honored tonight when he hosted the Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Alongside his mother, his partner, his son and his teammates, the child of Yaounde received his "Michael Jordan Trophy" in front of 20 spectators who chanted his name in the Wells Fargo Center. "We have been through a lot all these years. The work is not finished, we will need you, all your support for the rest of these playoffs. We have a long way to go. Thank you and continue to support us, "said the two-time leading scorer in the league during the ceremony.

Unfortunately for the Sixers, the game will not be as its franchise-player imagined. Despite the 30 points and 13 rebounds of Joel Embiid who plays a bit diminished, Philadelphia loses this 3rd set of the series against Boston. The Celtics showed from the beginning of the game that they had come to recover their home court advantage. Very skilled behind the arc, they led by 10 points after six minutes (24-10). The Sixers managed to come back at the end of the first quarter (28-29) but fell behind again at the break (50-57). They will end up losing 114-102.

James Harden sparkling during Game 1 (45 pts) in the absence of Joel Embiid has lost his address since the return of the new MVP. He finished his night at 16 points with only three baskets scored.

Boston leads now 2-1 and has the opportunity to make the break this Sunday, still in Philadelphia before going to conclude at home.

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