NBA: Joel Embiid urges players to be careful with Covid

Joël Embiid.
NBA: Joel Embiid urges players to be careful with Covid

Currently, about 50 NBA players are on lockdown due to Covid-19. Joel Embiid was one of them a few weeks ago. The Cameroonian had indeed tested positive. He had experienced complications. Now back in the game, he urges the players to be careful.

"We all have to protect each other. Whether it's wearing masks or taking precautions in our personal lives, you have to think about your teammate, their family and your own family.'' Joel Embiid hammered after the game against the Nets.

Embiid further adds. "It really sucks. From the beginning, even when we got hit, I was angry. I think last year there were great precautions in place. And this year, it's been all over the place. I thought it was just unprofessional. And this is our situation now.''

To combat the spike in cases, the NBA has taken action. It will increase testing, while being uncompromising on protocol. Players and staff will be required to wear masks on the bench.

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