Olympic Games 2020: The news of Sunday 25 July

Olympic Games 2020: The news of Sunday 25 July

On Sunday 25 July, African athletes alternated between the good and the bad in these Olympic Games in Tokyo. Indeed, if the South African swimmer signed a great performance by beating the Olympic record in the 100m breaststroke, the Moroccan taekwondo fighter have known the hecatomb. Also, in its evening news of the Olympics, Sport News Africa looks back at the story of the Zimbabwean women's hockey team that won gold at the 1980 Olympics.


Tatjana Schoenmaker put in the best African performance of the day. The South African swimmer broke the Olympic record in the 100m breaststroke. She clocked 1'04''82. The previous reference time was 1'04''93. She also beat her personal best time of 1'05''74 in this distance.

Tatjana Schoenmaker breaks the Olympic record in the 100 m breaststroke

Considered the favorite in the 200m breaststroke, the South African superstar showed that she is also serious about the 100m.

In football, Côte d'Ivoire continued to cause a sensation. The "Elephants" held the Brazilian ogre in check on Sunday (0-0, day 2). The Ivory Coast has four points and still occupies second place in Group D, tied with Brazil (4 pts). But it has an unfavorable goal-average (+2 against +1).

In surfing, the Moroccan Ramzi Boukhiam qualified for the 8th finals. This wave specialist will face the Frenchman Michel Bourez for a place in the quarter-finals. An opposition that is scheduled for Monday 26 July.

In shooting, Ibtissam Marirhi also continues the adventure. She finished 18th in the women's skeet event with 69 points. She will be looking to do better to hope to stay in the Olympic village as long as possible.


Moroccans in the thick of it, Boukhiam to save the face
Surfer Ramzi Boukhiam has qualified for the last eight and will face Frenchman Michel Bourez for a place in the quarter-finals. Ibtissam Marirhi is also continuing her shooting adventure after finishing 18th in the women's skeet event with 69 points. Both will be competing again on Monday 26 July.

In taekwondo, it's even the hecatomb before Achraf Mahboubi enters the competition. For Nada Laaraj (-57 kg) and Oumaima El Bouchti (-49 kg), on whom great hopes rested, are already eliminated after their respective defeats against the American Anastasija Zolotic and Sim Jae-Youb.

If Morocco had won its only medal in 2016 in boxing with the bronze of Mohamed Rabii, it will be hard to repeat this feat in Tokyo. Mohamed Assaghir (75-81kg) was quickly knocked out of the running. He lost by KO in the 3rd round to the Russian Imam Khataev. Mohamed Hamout, his compatriot, did not do better, losing to the Iranian Daniyal Shahbakhsh in the featherweight bout.

Two Algerian swimmers almost withdraw from the Games

Oussama Sahnoune almost didn't participate in the Olympics by mistake

Had it not been for the direct intervention of the president of the Algerian Swimming Federation with the president of the International Swimming Federation, swimmers Oussama Sahnoune and Amel Melih would not be participating in the Tokyo Olympics. Although qualified, the two Algerian athletes encountered administrative difficulties in Tokyo. These almost prevented them from competing.

The cause? The administrative agent in charge of confirming the athletes' registrations for the different disciplines made a mistake with the forms. Instead of filling in the confirmation forms for Oussama Sahnoune and Amel Melih, he filled in the withdrawal forms. Afterwards, Bougadou, the FA president, had to stir up his contacts so that the swimmers could be reinstated in the competition lists.

Taekwondo: Côte d'Ivoire to confirm its status
Côte d'Ivoire dominates world taekwondo in the -80 kg (men) and -62 kg (women) categories. These results are the result of a long process that began in 2009. In 2012, the country hosted the Francophone World Cup. This was followed by the World Team Championship in 2013, and in 2017 by the Grand Prix Final and the second World Cup. The gold and bronze medals of Cheick Sallah Junior Cissé and Marie Christelle Ruth Gbagbi are the result of this good organization of Ivorian taekwondo.


Soraya Haddad: "Having an Olympic medal is the pinnacle''
In an interview with Sport News Africa, Algeria's most successful female judo athlete, Soraya Haddad, reminisced about her participation in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She helped her nation win its first Olympic medal in Judo. Here are some highlights: "To have an Olympic medal is the best. It's the biggest event in the world of sport. To be a medalist is an achievement. Your name is written in the history of Algerian sport and future generations will know who you are. You will always exist in the history of your sport," says Soraya.

But this is not the only special thing, says the Algerian champion: "This is a great victory. There is also the joy that we bring into the hearts of the people, of the Judo family. It is a great success and an achievement. It's the respect and admiration that we have received to date. This is also the gain that one can have when one is a great champion and when one has honored our country.''

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