South Africa: Club banned for life for scoring 59 goals in a match

South Africa: Club banned for life for scoring 59 goals in a match

Matiyasi FC, a South African lower-division club, has been banned for life after their controversial 59-1 victory over Nsami Mighty Birds. Forty-one of the goals were own.

It's a completely crazy scenario that happened in South Africa. A lower league club has been suspended for scoring 59 goals in a match. The club in question is Matiyasi FC. They beat Nsami Mighty Birds 59-1, with 41 of the goals scored by (own goal). The team was 3rd and needed 18 goals in their last game to be promoted to the ABC Motsepe Provincial League. A player who was shown a red card in the first half was also recorded as scoring in the second half.

After the match, the South African Football Association (SAFA) regional office in Limpopo was not unmoved by the shocking incident. It summoned Matiyasi FC and Nsami Mighty Birds to a disciplinary committee hearing on 25 May 2022 in Giyani. And both teams were charged and found guilty of corruption. They were also found guilty of breaching the SAFA constitution.

The clubs were therefore permanently banned from all football-related activities. The officials of the two teams involved in the fraud have been suspended for five years in the region.

In another match in the same league, Shivulani Dangerous Tigers beat Kototo Happy Boys 33-1 on the same date. Seven own goals were recorded.

The teams were also found guilty of breaching SAFA rules. They were sentenced to a lifetime ban from all football-related activities.


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