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WAFCON 2022 - Nigeria: Super Falcons still not paid

WAFCON 2022 - Nigeria: Super Falcons still not paid

The Super Falcons have still not received their bonuses for participation in the Women's CAN 2022 held in Morocco. Some players deplore this situation and urge the Minister of Sports of Nigeria to solve this problem.

The Super Falcons, the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and the country's Ministry of Sports are in a mix. The players are indeed demanding their bonuses for participation in the Women's AFCON Morocco 2022. The nine times champions stopped in the semi-finals. They had boycotted the training before their match for the third place against Zambia, for non-payment of bonuses and allowances. But the Minister of Sport had promised the Super Falcons to pay their bonuses. But the players have not yet received anything.

"They said that the money had been approved and would reach us in a few days. That was before the game against Zambia. It has now gone from that to ridiculous excuses like wrong account numbers to network problems. The lies and disrespect clearly show that they like to treat the women's team as the unwanted child," a player told BBC Sport Africa. She adds. "The Ministry of Sports has always been quick to celebrate our success with grand statements. But since this money issue started, they have been very quiet. Imagine if one of their own girls was playing for Nigeria, would they treat her like that?"

An NFF official, however, told BBC Sport Africa that the situation is under control. "The players should receive the money this week because it has been processed." Each Nigeria player is entitled to a daily allowance of 98 euros, 2942 euros for each group stage win. The Super Falcons are also due 49,000 euros for winning the quarterfinals.

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