World Cup 2022: Tunisia has difficulty to digest the elimination

World Cup 2022: Tunisia has difficulty to digest the elimination

Tunisia has achieved a great feat this Wednesday. The Eagles beat France, the defending world champion. A success that will however be anecdotal since with 4 points, the men of Jalel Kadri are third and therefore eliminated from this World Cup. Twenty-four hours later, the Tunisians are still ruminating.

Kadri has also made a small assessment of the course of Tunisia. He especially regrets some counter-performances, especially against Denmark in the opening match (0-0). "In the first game against Denmark, if we pushed them a little higher and were more offensive, we could have won. Same thing for Australia. So, the conclusion for me is: it's a good win (against France) for morale but, again, we need to review and reflect on ourselves and then see how we can improve," the coach tells BBC Sport Africa.

"The objective has not been achieved ..."
This success of Tunisia against France is simply the third in the history of the Carthage Eagles at the World Cup, the first against a European nation. The striker of this match, Wahbi Khazri, follows the lead of his coach. "They still had high-level players, but we were superb and I think the result depends on us. Of course we are disappointed to go out because we did not do enough in the first two games, so we have a bitter taste, but I think we made the Tunisian people proud.

After this campaign, what about the future of Jalel Kadri? The Tunisian technician, appointed after the last AFCON in Cameroon, preferred to dodge the question. He will thus put the ball in the camp of the Federation. "The goal has not been achieved but we still have some time to look at things before making a final decision. It will be for the Tunisian federation to decide on the fate of their coach.

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