Handball/Women AFCON: DR Congo's stunning debut

Handball/Women AFCON: DR Congo's stunning debut


The Democratic Republic of Congo has successfully entered this 24th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) for women. At the Palais Polyvalent des Sports in Yaounde, the Congolese women have largely beaten the Nigerians on the score of 35-16. A match played on Tuesday, June 8 and counting for the 1st day of group B.

The women Leopards have drawn their victory from the first period. Since they led at the break with a score of 18-3. We could then say that the carrots were already cooked for the Nigerians unless they rebelled in a spectacular way. But it was not to be. The Nigerians did show a new face at the start of the second half. But that was only a glimmer. The DR Congo will continue to unravel in front of a helpless Nigeria, overwhelmed and without solution.

A 17-13...and then the Congolese machine goes into cruiser mode to stop at 35-16, final score. The DR Congo ensures a brilliant victory. Next game, Thursday 10 June against Kenya.

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