Red Star: Habib Bèye confirms he has joined the club

Habib Bèye
Red Star: Habib Bèye confirms he has joined the club

It was in the air for a few days, it is now official. Habib Bèye will join the technical staff of Red Star, a French third division club based in Paris, next season.

The former Olympique de Marseille right-back confirmed the news himself. "Our discussions with Vincent Bordot (editor's note: coach of the team) went very well. We share common ideas. I am looking forward to spending my BEPF year with him and the other members of the staff. I've come here to continue my training, and I'm delighted to be able to do so at Red Star," said the Senegalese.

Habib Bèye, a star consultant for Canal+, is currently taking his qualifications to become a professional coach.

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