World Cup 2022 - DRC: Leopards' two training camps cancelled

Les Léopards de la RD Congo en stage de préparation aux Emirats Unis en fin décembre
World Cup 2022 - DRC: Leopards' two training camps cancelled

The DRC will no longer be training in the United Arab Emirates. The Leopards, who have qualified for the 2022 World Cup play-offs, were due to hold two training camps in the Gulf country between December 2021 and February 2022 to sharpen their weapons. The information was confirmed to Sport News Africa by the interim secretary general of the Congolese Federation of Association Football (FECOFA), Belge Situatala. Without giving details on the reasons for the reversal.

He said: "The two training camps have not been postponed but cancelled. We analysed all the parameters concerning these courses and we realized that it was not favorable. But this decision is not at all due to a financial problem.''

Situatala says FECOFA will try to define a new program for the Leopards. He said: "The executive committee of the federation will meet this Wednesday, then we will go to the minister to define a new program together with the technical staff and the team manager. This new program will be made public shortly.''

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