CAF Competitions: Fecafoot writes to CAF

Seidou Mbombo, président de la Fécafoot.
Seidou Njoya, Fecafoot President

Two days before the deadline set by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Cameroon has still not designated the two clubs that will represent them in the next African cups. The championship being at a standstill.


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) had been clear. The national federations have until 30 June 2021 to complete their respective seasons. And, thus, to register the clubs that will represent them in the next African competitions. With 48 hours to go, Cameroon is at a standstill.

The Cameroonian championship has been at a standstill since the end of the first phase, more than two months ago. The clubs are demanding the payment of the last instalment of the state subsidy before returning to the stadiums. The envelope amounts to 560 million CFA francs (853,714 euros).

The Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot), which inherited the organization of the professional championship, is slow to find a solution. The non-participation of Cameroon in the Champions League and the CAF Cup next season would be fatal.

"In a context marked by conflicts with the Professional Football League, from which it has withdrawn the organization of the elite championships, Fécafoot has no right to make mistakes. For the government, it is not conceivable that the country that will host the 2021 African Cup of Nations has no club in African cups," warned an employee of the Cameroonian Ministry of Sports.


Fécafoot writes to CAF
To save the day, the national body is in calculation mode. Two scenarios are envisaged. The first is to register the two leaders of the different groups of the current first division championship: Fovu of Baham in the CAF Cup and Coton Sport of Garoua in the Champions League.

"This scenario has long been our plan A, confirms an executive of the secretariat general of Fecafoot. It was a question of registering all the clubs beforehand, then discussing with them with the aim of convincing them to put the first of each of the two pools in the championship.''

Things changed and a second scenario emerged. This one consists of writing to CAF to request a waiver until the championship resumed and went to its conclusion. '' The Federation has requested a waiver which it will probably obtain," said our source. The president of Fecafoot as the 4th vice-president of CAF, knows more or less that this exemption will be granted. Especially since 20 countries are in the situation of Cameroon. CAF will certainly not exclude them all.

If the waiver is not granted, it is learnt, the Fécafoot should return to its plan A, namely to designate the first of the two pools of the championship.

In Yaounde, the Cameroonian capital, a meeting is announced this Monday, June 28 between the Minister of Sports and club presidents. The aim is to settle the issue of the payment of the last instalment of the state subsidy, whose funds are already available, according to our information.


Philemon MBALE

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