About us

Founded in November 2019, the startup SPORT NEWS AFRICA has quickly established itself as one of the most innovative projects of the African online press. Indeed, SPORT NEWS AFRICA fills the gap in access to information on African sports news and enhances the visibility of African athletes both inside and outside the continent.

SPORT NEWS AFRICA is also a newsroom with 100% original content.

All content published by SPORT NEWS AFRICA is produced in-house by a team of editors who are experts on sport in Africa and based across the continent.
SPORT NEWS AFRICA is also a daily treatment of sport with :
major sports news in Africa
african sportsmen and women who make the news in the world
the essential news in world sport

No algorithm, but an innovative software platform!

SPORT NEWS AFRICA benefits from a content publication platform that operates on the principle of a virtual newsroom that allows real-time monitoring of editorial production and its compliance with SEO rules.
SPORT NEWS AFRICA also integrates a high-performance technical device that enables it to offer a fluid and secure browsing experience.

A unique editorial coverage on the continent!

Not only does SPORT NEWS AFRICA follow the 2 major sports that are soccer and basketball, but also all the other sports that make the African sports news.
SPORT NEWS AFRICA is also the only sports media to have given such a showcase to African women athletes with a section totally dedicated to them. It is also the case of E-sport which finds a full place in SPORT NEWS AFRICA.
Finally, SPORT NEWS AFRICA offers editorial coverage of African sport throughout the world.

Sport in Africa, a growing market

SPORT NEWS AFRICA offers its advertisers privileged access to a pan-African CSP+ consumer market. This emerging target is fond of consumer goods, hi-tech products and all online services.
This very committed clientele offers a privileged territory of expression for original advertising devices that emphasize targeting and efficiency.
In addition to pan-African campaigns, SPORT NEWS AFRICA also offers the opportunity to target national markets.

SPORT NEWS AFRICA, a voice that also counts on the networks!

Present on various networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, SPORT NEWS AFRICA regularly offers unique content such as exclusive interviews with top athletes or those who make sports news, regular forums ...

Partners, sponsors, advertisers, find us also on LinkedIn!

Here you will find the latest information on the development of SPORT NEWS AFRICA, new partnerships and upcoming promotional operations .....
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