Black Maidens of Ghana banned by CAF

The Black Maidens of Ghana as it stands will not be competing in the next two editions of the U-17 championships and qualification for age falsified.

Nancy Amoh and Rasheeda Shashadu were the two players whose age were falsified during the first leg encounter against Morocco in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Accra where Ghana won 2-0.

The decision from CAF means Ghana will not partake in the next two editions of the FIFA U-17 Women's Wolrd Cup. In addition to the ban, they have fine Ghana $100,000 due to the age falsification.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) was given the opportunity to defend themselves against the said claims by providing a written documents to the CAF disciplinary board. The GFA did not provide a statement within the course the course of these disciplinary proceedings.

Excerpts from the CAF Disciplinary Board ruling against The Ghana Football Association.

Pursuant to article 43 of WAFON Regulations “if CAF is informed, no matter the source, that a fraud or a forgery was committed by any means and /or support whatsoever by one or more national team(s), an investigation will be opened”.

Article 44 of WAFON Regulations provides that “ In case the alleged facts are true, the convicted national association will be suspended from participation in the following two editions of the Women Africa Cup of Nations.

Article 135 of CAF Disciplinary Code stipulates that:

“1. Anyone who, during any football related activity, creates a false document, forges a document, makes a false claim in a document with potentially legal repercussions or uses a forged document to deceive others will be sanctioned with a suspension for at least six (6) matches.

2. If the perpetrator is an official, the body will pronounce a ban on performing any football related activity for a period of at least one (1) year.

3. The legal body may also pronounce a fine of at least ten thousand US dollars ($10.000)…”.

Pursuant article 30 of CAF Disciplinary Code:

“ 1. Any type of proof may be produced.

2. The only proof that may be rejected is that which violates human dignity or obviously does not serve to establish relevant facts..”.

Article 31 of CAF Disciplinary Code provides that;

“1. The legal bodies will:

• have absolute discretion regarding proof; take account of the parties’ attitudes during proceedings, especially the manner in which they cooperate with the legal bodies and the secretariat;

• decide on the basis of their personal circumstances”


Decision from CAF: CAF Disciplinary Board decided to:

- Suspend both players: Nancy Amoh player Number 3 and Rasheeda Shahadu player Number 14 for a period of 1 year from all CAF competitions.

- Ban the GFA from participating in the next two editions of the FIFA U17W African Qualifiers.

- Impose a financial sanction of 100.000 USD upon your federation. Payment of 100.000 USD (Hundred Thousand American Dollars) US Dollars must be made within 60 days of the date hereof.

The Ghana Football Association still has the room to protest the decision to appeal to the case .

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