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Athletic Bilbao: "Iron" Williams "proud" of his record

Athletic Bilbao: "Iron" Williams "proud" of his record

Athletic Bilbao's Ghanaian striker Inaki Williams has broken a record for the most consecutive games played in La Liga. The 28-year-old striker has made 251 appearances, almost seven seasons.

What is the secret of Inaki Williams? It seems that the Ghanaian striker is not made of the same material as everyone else. The Black Star almost never gets injured to the point that when it happens to him it makes the headlines in the media. Nothing more normal when you have broken a record of games played in a row in La Liga. The 28-year-old has played 251 games in a row, which is almost seven seasons. It is not the 7 Golden Ball of Lionel Messi, but still ...

In the columns of L'Equipe, the Ghanaian confided all his pride to have reached this crazy figure. "This long journey has been incredible. Even in my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would play these 251 matches in the first division. And luckily, I played them all in a row. Without resting and always with the confidence of the coaches I had. I was also lucky with the injuries," he says.

"My body said stop"

He continues: "When I got injured, I didn't think about the record but about the fact that I couldn't do what I loved most anymore, nor help my team in a game where they needed me, as they all did. After a few days, I was reminded that the record was over."

A series that ended Sunday, January 27, in the match Celta Vigo-Bilbao (1-0). Inaki Williams was absent from the game sheet due to a muscle glitch. A first since April 7, 2016 in a match between his team and Malaga. "What I needed now was to rest. My body said stop. I have to stop and get back to 100%. This is a record that will be difficult to break. But if it happens, I'll congratulate whoever achieves it. I hope it will be a player of Athletic or my brother. It is a record that makes me proud and happy. Now I have to recover," he concluded.

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