Cameroon: Bell lashes out at FECAFOOT on Onana's retirement

Cameroon: Bell lashes out at FECAFOOT on Onana's retirement

Cameroon's football federation FECAFOOT seems to be making headlines once again for the wrong reasons. The management policies of Eto'o's regime has once again come under serious questioning following the unexpected retirement of keeper Andre Onana. Many Cameroonians have expressed mixed feelings towards the news but most think that there is more to what meets the eye. One of them is former Cameroonian goalkeeper Joseph Antoine Bell who did not mix his words in lashing out on FECAFOOT.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper, Andre Onana, announced his international retirement last Friday, following his exclusion from the Indomitable Lions group, during the World Cup in Qatar. A "very early" retirement for the former Cameroonian goalkeeper, Joseph Antoine Bell, who strongly condemns the management of the leaders of Fecafoot.

"I understand what Onana, my son, is going through [...] If this can happen to a player like him, what happens to those who are much less talented? If Cameroon says we can go on without him despite his talent, and his high-profile case, what happens to Cameroonians who are just as talented but are treated in the same way as Onana, without public attention being paid to their treatment?" the former goalkeeper lamented.

He added: "I really hope that this new case of a player who retires, in this way, will force those in charge to really look at themselves and their quality of management".

News of Choupo-Mouting considering retirement has also been heralded by some local press in Cameroon but that is till to be made official by the Bayern Munich forward.

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