Cameroon: Fecavolley in crisis with two self-proclaimed presidents

 Fecavolley  Serge Abouem et Bello Bourdanne
Cameroon: Fecavolley in crisis with two self-proclaimed presidents

With two elected presidents, two boards of directors and two General Assemblies, the crisis is bogged down in the Cameroonian Federation of Volleyball (Fecavolley).

"The organization of several elections by different Assemblies is likely to suspend the Federation."
The warning of the international volleyball body (FIVB) has not changed anything. The Cameroon Volleyball Federation (Fecavolley) has held two elections. The last one took place this Saturday, February 4, 2023.

The work of Yaoundé resulted in the re-election of the outgoing president, Julien Serge Abouem. The only candidate in this election, the leader won the 90 votes at stake. A ballot held two weeks after the election of Bello Bourdanne to the same position, on January 20, by another General Assembly.

Two presidents for one office
A situation that is unprecedented, Fecavolley has two presidents, two boards and two General Assemblies. Each Executive Board considers its election legal and denounces that of the opposing camp. "We have just scored a precious point in this difficult match", Julien Serge Abouem is pleased to say. The newly elected "president" has just been summoned by bailiff to cease all actions in the name of Fécavolley. A move by the other "president", Bello Bourdanne, whose election was approved by the Minister of Sports, invested with the legal prerogatives of control, regulation, supervision and monitoring of national sports federations.

The Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi believes that the renewal of the governing bodies of Fecavolley was completed on January 20 with the election of Bello Bourdanne. The latter has moreover, "as a token of official recognition, took part in the appointment of the Executive Board of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon on January 26, 2023," said the member of the government. On this occasion, Bello Bourdanne was elected to the Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee.

For the record, the crisis at the Fecavolley was born of disagreements over the texts to frame the elections. The faction Bello Bourdanne being in favor of the texts of 2013. While that of Julien Serge Abouem, opposed to the instructions of the Minister of Sports, also in favor of the texts of 2013, adopted its own in October 2022. Thus, two General Assemblies were slowly put in place. Each has conducted its own electoral process. In Yaoundé, eyes are now turned to the African Confederation and the International Federation of Volleyball.

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