Cameroon: Nolan Song son of Alexandre says no to the Indomitable Lions

Cameroon: Nolan Song son of Alexandre says no to the Indomitable Lions

Playing for the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon is a dream come true for many young talents in Cameroon and around the world. A selected few, privileged for a handful, it is every player's intent to play for their national football team. This is arguably the norm for a majority but not for someone who has roots with the current Indomitable Lions squad. Nolan Song is the son of former Arsenal, Barcelona and Indomitable Lions midfielder Alexandre, who is the nephew of the current head coach Rigobert Song.

The young lad is not moved by the idea of playing for Cameroon.

"Cameroon is not my country. It's my father's country. I was born in France, I grew up in England and I don't feel any link with this country. ''

These are the words of Nolan Song. While the Cameroon Football Federation is in a logic of reconstruction and wishes to repatriate all its high potential binationals in its selections, the son of the former Cameroon international, was asked in a discussion on Instagram about his links with Cameroon and his future choice if he was to have an international career.

In very strong and clear words his father has strong links with Cameroon, but it is not the case with him. "It is not because my father played for Cameroon that I would play for Cameroon. The only thing that links me to this country is my family. I will play for France," said the 16-year-old footballer. These statements have since set the web ablaze, with some Indomitable Lions fans deploring the remarks.

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