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CHAN 2022: Algeria slightly edge Libya in opener

CHAN 2022: Algeria slightly edge Libya in opener

1-0 and that's all. Algeria ensured maximum points in minimum style in front of Libya in the opener of CHAN 2022.

Kicking off the competition as a host nation is almost synonymous to a must a win game and Algeria took the route on Saturday.

The success was long to take shape for Algeria. Despite a packed stadium, pushed by the ultras in the stands of the Nelson Mandela stadium in Baraki in Algiers, the local "Fennecs" in lack of inspiration, could not get the tactics right. Libya was well in place and the coach Corentin Martins was well on the verge of succeeding. However, by dint of being subjected to the assaults of Algeria, the lock will eventually break. On a hazardous exit of the keeper. Muad Allafi was a second late in his intervention, short, he committed the foul in his area. The South African referee, Abongile Tom, did not need to consult the VAR. The foul was too obvious. Aymen Mahious takes care of it and opens the score. It was the 57th minute.

The striker of USM Alger will be in the wake, the first striker of the CHAN 2022 and allows his Algeria to go ahead. Madjid Bougherra can then quench his thirst on his bench. Without doubt, for a long time, held by the anxiety of starting with a blank draw. What a relief then.

Algeria ahead in terms of stats
If the goal was late on the side of Algeria, the "Fennecs" have never been worried in this game. As a proof, the statistics of the match. Algeria was dominant everywhere. It had the possession of ball with 53%, 10 shots on goal against 6. In addition to 4 shots on target against 1 for Libya. This is not all. At the level of attacks, Algeria has also passed ahead with 108 against 88 for the opponent including 67 dangerous against 53.

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