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Chelsea: Koulibaly's phone call to Terry before taking the number 26 (video)

Chelsea: Koulibaly's phone call to Terry before taking the number 26 (video)


Arrived this summer at the Blues from Napoli, Kalidou Koulibaly inherited the number 26. A number that no other player of the club has worn since the departure of the legend John Terry. Aware of what the number represents, the Senegalese international first wanted to have the approval of the former Blues captain before taking it. Kalidou Koulibaly then called him on the phone to get his opinion.

"Sorry for me English, it's not as good as that but I will try to express myself as best I can (laughs). John, I would like to ask you something. As you know, I played with the 26 in Napoli and I saw that, since you left the club (Chelsea), nobody took over the 26. I do not know if it was removed or it's because no one wants to take it back", asks Koulibaly in a video posted on his social network Twitter.

Then Terry replied, "The 26th was very special to me, I really appreciate you calling. It's not a problem for me that you take it, it's an absolute pleasure. I wish you luck because I know how important the number was to me and I saw you wearing the 26 as well. With pleasure buddy, I'll leave 26 with you. No pressure buddy. You keep winning trophies for us". Classy.


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