FIFA World Cup: Rwanda's Salama Mukansanga makes her debut

FIFA World Cup: Rwanda's Salama Mukansanga makes her debut

The female referee will be well present at the World Cup 2022. The Africa will be represented by Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda. Even in her wildest dreams, the 34-year-old referee never imagined one day officiating at the men's World Cup.

Salima Mukansanga had made history at the 2021 AFCON. The Rwandan was the first woman to officiate in the finals of the African Cup. She had brilliantly directed Zimbabwe-Guinea counting for the last day of the group B. The 34 year old referee is about to live a new experience. She has been chosen for the World Cup 2022. Since the announcement of this news, it is the ecstasy for the Rwandan.

"It's very exciting, and it's a privilege for me. I never dreamed of going to the Men's World Cup," Mukansanga told FIFA.com. She added: "The first time I was nominated to go to a World Cup was in France for the 2019 Women's World Cup, so my next goal was more the Women's World Cup in New Zealand in 2023."

"I want young girls to look up to me."
In Qatar, Salima Mukansanga will be alongside Japan's Yoshimi Yamashita and France's Stephanie Frappart. A choice of FIFA that testifies to the development of female refereeing. Being appointed to the me
n's World Cup is something new, another opportunity we have," she said. It means that FIFA recognizes that women are working hard, that we are providing quality refereeing and that we can deliver and reach higher, to the top of the men's game."

The Rwandan woman now wants to be an inspiration. She says,

"I want young girls to look at me and follow me, because I too am here now because I took advice from people. Now it's time and I stay focused on the World Cup."

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