NBA - Joel Embiid: Winning return and a new look

NBA - Joel Embiid: Winning return and a new look

Absent from the floors since the end of the year 2022, Joel Embiid has not lost his good habits on his return. The pivot is still as dominant as ever while the Africans of Toronto have also shone.

Joel Embiid and his new look

We've known Joel Embiid for several years with his afro style and shaggy hair...but that was before 2023. For his first NBA game of the year after several days in the infirmary, the Cameroonian returned to the floors with a new look: braids. However, in the game, nothing has changed. The all-star pivot walked on his opponents. Philadelphia crushed the Detroit Pistons 147-116.

Power, penetration, shooting, Joel Embiid has done everything well, or almost. His statistical record: 36 points, 11 rebounds, 1 assist, all in only 24 minutes on the floor. Beside him, James Harden managed the 72nd triple-double in his NBA career with 16 points, 12 rebounds and 15 assists and above all, it's already his 5th game of the season with 15 assists or more. No one is doing better this season in the League. The Sixers have a record of 25 wins and 15 losses this season and occupy the 4th place in the East. At the Pistons, the Guinean Hamidou Diallo is doing well with 14 points and 8 rebounds.

Toronto and its Africans at the party

Still in the East, Toronto has achieved a second success in a row in the NBA. Its victim of this night, Charlotte. The Raptors won 132-120. By the way, Pascal Siakam's teammates set a record this season as they made 20 three-point baskets during this game. No team has reached this total since the beginning of the season. Siakam was above the fray with 28 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists. Alongside him, OG Anunoby also shot the ball with 22 digs. On defense, rookie Christian Koloko came out with 8 rebounds and 6 points. While Precious Achiuwa scored 13 points in 12 minutes off the bench. Despite this success, Toronto is still far from the play-offs. The Raptors are 11th with a negative record (18-23).

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