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AFCON 2023 - Inaki Williams: "I'm going with the intention of winning"

AFCON 2023 - Inaki Williams: "I'm going with the intention of winning"


Athletic Bilbao's in-form striker, Inaki Williams, is preparing to take part in the AFCON with his national team, Ghana. Williams, who has 8 goals and 3 assists to his name with the Basque club, is aware that his absence will be felt, but he has every confidence in his team-mates to stay on course. "It may be difficult for the team to count on my absence because I was doing very well, but my teammates are more than ready to replace me, they train very well and I'm sure that when I'm not there, they do the job."

The player told the press conference what the AFCON meant to him."It means a lot. It's a promise on a family level.I'm sad to have to leave because of the situation the team is in, but it's something good for me. My grandfather passed away last summer and I know he'd want me to play in the African Cup in the best possible way. I hope my absence won't be too noticeable.


Inaki, in his first continental competition, adds that he is aiming for nothing less than victory. "I'm going with the intention of winning. I'd like to go as far as possible, to make the people over there feel what the Athletic fans feel. They've welcomed me with open arms. There's a lot of passion in Africa, and in soccer too," he concludes.

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