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AIPS Sport Media Awards 2023: Race for the best sports productions is on

AIPS Media Awards
AIPS Sport Media Awards 2023: Race for the best sports productions is on

The race is on for the best sports productions. Submissions for the AIPS Sports Media 2023 are now open. Sports journalists from all over the world have the opportunity to submit their productions until 5 November 2023.

Journalists can start submitting their entries for the sixth edition of the AIPS Media Awards. The event is organised by the international sports press association to reward the best sports productions. The AIPS Sport Media Awards have eight senior categories: Best Written Report, Best Written Feature, Video Documentary, Video Short (up to 10 minutes), Video Athlete Profile (over 10 minutes), Photo Portfolio (3 to 5 photos), Sports Action Photography (1 photo), and Audio. And three categories for young reporters (Print, Photography, Audiovisual). Each participant may submit up to two entries in these different categories.

Valid entry dates for the current edition begin on 5 November 2022 and end on 4 November 2023. All works published within this window will be accepted. Submissions may be made in any official language. In some cases, however, it is recommended that audio and video submissions be made in English.

Each winner will receive a trophy and a sum of between US$2,000 (3rd place), US$3,000 (2nd place) and US$8,000 (winner). The young reporters will also receive a scholarship and the opportunity to cover a sporting event.

The fifth edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards drew to a breathtaking close in Seoul, South Korea, crowning the world's best sports reporters after five stages of voting that narrowed the initial 1,830 submissions from 138 countries down to the final 27.

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