Algeria - Vladimir Petkovic: "Bring my personal touch to improve this team"

Vladimir Petkovic
Algeria - Vladimir Petkovic: "Bring my personal touch to improve this team"

has turned the page on Djamel Belmadi. The Algerian Football Federation (FAF) is betting on Vladimir Petkovic to succeed him. With the friendly matches in March, the new coach will be able to get an overview of the forces at work. This will enable him to know who to bet on for the upcoming events: the AFCON 2025 and the World Cup 2026. The Swiss coach explains how to get there.

Vladimir Petkovic's arrival at the helm of the Algerian national team was made official last week. The Swiss coach's mission will be to get the Fennecs back on track. After winning the AFCON in 2019, the Algerians suffered a series of disappointments: elimination in the first round of the AFCON 2021, failure to qualify for the 2022 World Cup against Cameroon, and a further setback with elimination in the first round of the AFCON 2023. The former Bordeaux coach is well aware that he will be eagerly awaited. However, he wants to start afresh.

"It's important to start afresh, to ensure that the players give their all for a people who expect a lot from them. It's a people who have enjoyed great success in the past. Through my work, I'll try to live up to my mission (...) When I say starting afresh, I mean in a positive way. The national team has put in some great performances in recent years.We need to keep up the momentum. I'm going to see the players I have at my disposal to decide how to play," Vladimir Petkovic told La Gazette du Fennec.

Leaving the past where it is

The 60-year-old coach will have his work cut out for him. In a country like Algeria, where the national team is of almost sacred importance, his every move will be scrutinized. Past successes will inevitably hang over his head.Vladimir Petkovic, however, wants to focus on the future and leave the past in its place."The important thing is to focus on the present and the future.You have to look at what has worked and what hasn't, and do something about it. In any case, the work that's been done with this team is good. My aim now is to bring my personal touch to improve this team. We need to bring joy to 43 million Algerians.

A squad reviewing?

To achieve his goals, Vladimir Petkovic will be able to count on a very talented generation, including Aouar, Amoura, Chaïbi... But the Algerian press also asserts that the new coach could get rid of key players in their thirties, such as Mahrez or Belaïli. Nevertheless, the truth on the pitch will be the only thing that counts for the Swiss.

"My first objective is to improve with each match and take it step by step. For me, the next match is more important than the last. As a coach, it's important to aim higher. Right now, it's important to get to know each of the players. We're going to set short-term objectives. Right now, it's very important to evaluate the players on the pitch to get an idea of my squad."


Vladimir Petkovic will also be counting on those who show their determination to defend the Algerian colors. As an added bonus, a number of new players could be handed their first cap in the coming weeks.

"We've already drawn up an initial list of 45 players.I already have some knowledge of Algerian soccer.There's no question of making a difference between those who play here or in Europe, the important thing is to put together a group of 23 who give their all on the pitch (...) I don't want to give any names. We're already going to start with the players who made up the core of the national team.There will also be players joining the list for the first time. The list remains open and broad. We'll be discussing the possibility of adding new names. We won't limit ourselves to the 23 players (...) For the moment, no player has been excluded from the project."

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