Bayern Munich: An altercation between Mané and Sané?

Bayern Munich: An altercation between Mané and Sané?

Following the defeat in the quarterfinal first leg of the Champions League against Manchester City on Tuesday night, Sadio Mané and Leroy Sané had an altercation in the Bavarian dressing room. According to Bild, the Senegalese would have been the author of a punch towards his German teammate, before the two players were separated.

There are defeats that leave their mark and it is clear that the rout of Bayern Munich on Tuesday night in the Champions League is one of them. Dominated by Manchester City, the Bavarians lost heavily (3-0) in the quarterfinal first leg and have almost put a cross on their hopes of qualification before the second leg. And as if the evening was not complicated enough for the German side, it got worse after the final whistle, when an altercation broke out between Sadio Mané and Leroy Sané.

According to information from Bild, the two players exchanged words and the tone quickly rose. Sadio Mané would have reproached his teammate for his way of speaking and would have given him a blow in the face (on the lip). A situation that led the other players to intervene and separate them, says the German daily, which specifies that Leroy Sané was then invited to leave the locker room, a sign of the tension still palpable. If the facts are proven, the Senegalese is exposed to heavy sanctions from his club, with at least a large fine.

Bayern Munich did not wish to comment on the information released by the German media. Already during the game, after the entry of Sadio Mané, the latter had a first exchange of words with Leroy Sané at the end of the game. A harmless action at that time and on which the cameras did not linger.

The probable beginning of a quarrel that had its outcome in the Bavarian dressing room with the facts reported that place the Senegalese in a very bad position with the fans, while he struggles to impose himself since the beginning of the season. After a difficult adaptation, he was then absent for almost three months because of a knee injury. So many factors that prevent him from performing at the moment.

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