Boxin: Mike Tyson advises Ngannou and warns Fury

Mike Tyson veut entrainer Francis Ngannou
Boxin: Mike Tyson advises Ngannou and warns Fury

Until we know a little more about the rules of the titanic fight scheduled to pit Francis Ngannou against Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia in October, the predictions are all over the place. Mike Tyson, former world boxing champion, is cautious.

Long retired, Mike Tyson never misses an opportunity to slip in his opinion on the shock fights of the noble art. The never-before-seen showdown between MMA champion Francis Ngannou and boxing champion Tyson Fury is no exception. ''Iron'' Mike shared his analysis of the fight scheduled for next October in Saudi Arabia.

"Francis has a hard punch"
While all the specialists believe that Fury will smash Ngannou without any worries, Tyson moderates. For the former world boxing champion, his British namesake will have to be very wary of the Cameroonian. "I don't think Fury will have an easy time against Ngannou at all, contrary to popular belief. I think anything is possible. Francis has a hard punch," explains Mike Tyson. The American, who was world boxing champion when he was just 20, is also hoping to train the Cameroonian before his fight. "It would be cool to have him. I like that," he says.

"Fury gives long punches".
This isn't the first time Mike Tyson has advised Francis Ngannou.Several months ago, before the fight was scheduled, he had already given some advice to Cyril Gane. "Fury throws long punches. When he hits like that, he hits long and all of a sudden you've got his short punches inside, inside and around and boom, you've got to hit right here to the body. Watch how you hit him with the right uppercut".

The Francis Ngannou-Tyson Fury fight is scheduled for October in Saudi Arabia. But the promoters have yet to reveal the rules. Ngannou, UFC MMA heavyweight champion, has boxed in the past. But only as an amateur.

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