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Boxing: Martin Bakole's request for financial support condemned

Martin Bakole soutien financier
Boxing: Martin Bakole's request for financial support condemned

With almost a month to go before his fight against Carlos Takam, Martin Bakole has made a video asking for more support from the Congolese people, and especially for financial support from the government. A move far from unanimous on social networks.

Twenty-two fights, 21 victories, including 13 by knockout, and just one defeat: Martin Bakole's record at heavyweight isn't bad. The 30-year-old Congolese boxer, for example, has a more eloquent track record as a professional than that of Tony Yoka, a Frenchman of Congolese origin (11 wins, 2 losses at 31).

But Bakole doesn't have the same aura as Yoka, so sponsors aren't lining up at his door. This makes his preparations a little more complicated, with coaches, sparring partners and hotel expenses to pay during training sessions.

"Then all he has to do is change his nationality".

To cope with these difficulties, Junior Makabu's brother made a video asking the Congolese government for financial support.Earlier this year, the 100,000 dollars (92,000 euros) granted to him by the Congolese authorities had already sparked controversy in the DRC, as the fight for which he had received support had not actually taken place. This new approach has not met with unanimous approval. And some people have made this known on social networks, even asking him to stop begging and change manager.

"He has our full support but financially, his manager is in charge, Sorry," tweeted Schekinah Mopiti. "Have you ever seen a professional boxer whining about organizing his own fight when boxing is one of the most profitable individual sports in the world?Then all he has to do is change nationality," adds Rufin Kazadi."At some point, you have to respect yourself. It's true that he made us proud by beating Tony Yoka, but he can't openly take the piss out of people... to mi pesa pe respecte heure moko", says Nicky Thee Larson.

"100,000 dollars only represents 2 cars for 2 national deputies".

Martin Bakole didn't just receive criticism, however.Even if they have been few and far between, he has had some support."It's regrettable and not encouraging to carry the flag of the DR Congo.People think that $100,000 is a lot for a big country like Congo, but it's only 2 cars for 2 national deputies who do absolutely nothing for the country. Regrettable," insists Roi Assi."It's important that we Congolese change our mindset and encourage our compatriots ( @MartinBakole01 ) who shine, both nationally and internationally. When a compatriot succeeds internationally, the whole country should support him so that he can continue to fly the flag for his country," says Paulin Ngalamulume Mata.

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