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Boxing: Ramla Ali back on top

Ramla Ali
Boxing: Ramla Ali back on top

Ramla Ali returns to the ring this Saturday, November 4, to take her revenge on Mexico's Julissa Alejandra Guzman. The latter handed the Somalian her first defeat last June.

Impressive since her boxing debut, Ramla Ali was held back by Mexico's Julissa Alejandra Guzman. The latter ended the Somalian's 8-fight winning streak last June. It was Ramla Ali's first defeat. A setback that had created a little tension between the Mogadishu native and her adopted country, Great Britain. "If you lose, you're a former refugee born in Somalia. But if you win, you're a British boxer. It's just weird. It's like, why can't you support me when I'm losing too?" the 33-year-old boxer had blurted out.

This Saturday, November 4, Ramla Ali has a golden opportunity to get his revenge on Guzman. "This is a huge fight for me," said Ali."A lot of people are watching and saying, 'Why are you coming back in this rematch?' As everyone knows, there's been a lot of talk about my history and I've had challenges in my personal life and I've had challenges in my sporting life. You just have to accept those challenges. I was watching a film and there was a famous quote that said 'never let fear stop you from playing'.

The Mexican, on the other hand, is confident of retaining her belt."It's different because I'm defending what's mine.That makes it harder for Ramla, because I know you're going to run and I'll be ready to fly at you in the ring. I'll keep my promise to knock you out."

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