Burkina Faso: AS Douanes champions this far

SNA – AS Douanes – Burkina
Burkina Faso: AS Douanes champions this far

AS Douanes was crowned champion of the off-season at the end of the 15th and final day of the first leg of the Burkina Faso League 1 on Saturday. The Gabelous beat (1-0) the King's of Royal FC. This victory allows Kamou Malo's men to consolidate their supremacy on the championship and especially to extend their invincibility.

The best performance was achieved by ASECK of Koudougou who dominated Rahimo FC (2-0). AS Douanes (1st, 35 points) is now eight points ahead of Vitesse FC (2nd, 27 points) and nine points ahead of Salitas FC (3rd), who complete the podium with 26 points.

The match between Etoile Filante de Ouagadougou (EFO) and Majestic Sporting Club saw the victory for the latter, Académiciens de Saponé on the smallest of marks, 1-0. This new defeat sinks the Queen of the stadiums, EFO, who end this first phase in 14th place.


Vitesse FC 1-0 ASFB

EFO 0-1 Majestic SC

Asfa Yennenga 0-1 RCB

Usfa 0-1 AS Sonabel

RCK 1-0 Real du Faso

AS Police 0-1 Salitas FC

Royal FC 0-1 AS Douanes

Aseck 2-0 Rahimo FC


1st AS Douanes 35 pts +17

2nd Vitesse FC 27 pts +3

3rd Salitas FC 26 pts +6

4th RCK 26 pts +1

5th ASECK 24 pts +2

6th Majestic SC 22 pts +5

7th Rahimo FC 22 pts -2

8th RCB 21 pts +6

9th Royal FC 20 pts +3

10th USFA 19 pts +3

11th AS Sonabel 19 pts -3

12th ASFA Yennenga 15 pts -3

13th ASFB 14 pts -8

14th EFO 13 pts -8

15th Real du Faso 12 pts -6

16th AS Police 04 pts -16

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