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Cameroon - Elections in the Federations: Time for great maneuvers

Le ministre camerounais des sports (au milieu) a rencontré les représentants des Fédérations.
Cameroon - Elections in the Federations: Time for great maneuvers

The preparations for the elections within the Cameroonian sports federations are in full swing. A few days before the deadline for filing applications, alliances are formed. Sometimes, for a very short time.

The Cameroonian sports movement will get underway as of November 10, when the elections to the national sports federations are launched. Candidates have until November 3 to submit their respective files. If no actor has publicly declared themselves so far, the big maneuvers have well and truly begun. Notably at the Volleyball Federation.

Volleyball: Election in troubled waters

The team in place, led by Julien Serge Abouem, intends to pursue its program of "refoundation" to the end. And for that, it intends to run for another term. The outgoing executive has undertaken several projects. In particular, the construction of a gymnasium in the town of Mbalmayo, in the central region of the country. Or that of a college of sports-studies in Yaoundé. In addition, he has just announced the extension of the contract of the official sponsor of the Federation. This one knows an increase of the incomes from 20% to 30%.

"These additional revenues will be fully allocated to the regional leagues of volleyball,"
promises Julien Serge Abouem. The leader thanks the partner company "whose financial support in terms of sponsorship has enabled the Volleyball Federation to be among the most successful national sports federations.

A campaign argument? No doubt! It is true that on the other side, the opponents are organizing themselves without making any noise.

One speaks in particular behind the scenes of the former first vice president of the authority, Bello Bourdanne. Although disbarred for "serious failure to comply with the texts", the man has seized the local courts. He had already won his case at the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon (CNOSC).

At the Federation, it is suspected that he has the support of some retired players, and even the former president Louis Majoré Timba, who now heads the Finance Committee of the Confederation of African Volleyball (Cavb).

Athletics: Mbango in ambush?
At the Athletics Federation, the candidates for the elections are also quietly preparing their weapons. If the outgoing president Joseph Ndo Ndzié has not yet revealed his intentions, some informed voices lend ambitions to the famous Françoise Mbango. The double Olympic gold medalist in the triple jump (2004 and 2008) would be the perfect candidate for the public authorities.

According to indiscretions, she would have the support of the Minister of Sports who wants to see women emerge at the end of the electoral process that is coming. However, negotiations are ongoing. Because there is not only the position of president of the Federation at stake; it is necessary to find reliable partners to constitute the executive board.

Boxing: from an alliance to a rupture
In boxing, all blows are allowed. Especially when they are given by pugilists of international level. Indeed, Hassan Ndam Njikam and Ali Adamou, two professionals of the discipline, have recently formed an alliance. Objective: to form a single application to conduct the project "Boxing to boxers". But while the rumor is that the outgoing president, Bertrand Magloire Mendouga, could withdraw to devote himself to his function as boss of the African Confederation, the two allies of yesterday have separated. Question of presenting separate candidacy.

Locked ballot
While some federations are expected to face each other, the ballot seems to be locked in others. And everyone is now being asked to choose sides. Instead of going into battle many of the candidates for the top job prefer to join the existing executives. Here, they negotiate a place as vice-president. There, they show their unequivocal support for the outgoing presidents, in the hope of obtaining a promotion to the head of a regional League. A vast plebiscite movement is therefore underway in many federations.

The conditions for participation in these future elections have been set by the Cameroonian Minister of Sports. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, who announced the establishment of a Monitoring Committee. It will be responsible for "eventually, to assess the entire electoral process for the recognition of future elected executive offices. The electoral process should end on December 12, 2022.

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