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Cameroon: Fécafoot disowns Marc Brys hours after appointment

Marc Brys-Cameroun
Cameroon: Fécafoot disowns Marc Brys hours after appointment

On Tuesday April 02, Marc Brys was appointed Cameroon coach to replace Rigobert Song, who was sacked after the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. The problem is, however, that he was signed by the Ministry of Sport, without the approval of the Cameroon Football Federation. While he was looking forward to his first experience as a coach, the Belgian was turned down by Fécafoot. The body headed by Samuel Eto'o disowned the technician, who had been chosen exclusively by the ministry."In spite of our diligent proposals and after a fruitless wait, we were instructed to contract a new coach, his assistants, medical and administrative staff, like the General Coordinator of national soccer teams, whose recruitment is, moreover, an exclusive competence of Fecafoot according to article 4 of the above-mentioned decree", reads the communiqué published this Wednesday evening, 24 hours after Brys' appointment.

"Not having been involved in any way in the pre-selection process for the positions to be filled, and referring to the provisions of the aforementioned decree and the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, the Cameroon Football Federation did not participate in the recruitment process for personnel appointed to the technical, administrative and medical staff of our national teams. The national federation cannot recognize these appointments, which were made outside any legal or regulatory framework. In absolute terms, Fecafoot cannot be a party to this act, which is devoid of any legal basis, and cannot compromise with supra-national regulations and, even less, with the legal and regulatory provisions in force in our country", continues Fecafoot. No doubt this turn of events will keep the whole of Cameroon on its toes.



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