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Cameroon: Samuel Eto'o and the government at loggerheads

Fécafoot, Samuel Eto'o Paul Biya Cameroun
Cameroon: Samuel Eto'o and the government at loggerheads


There is total incomprehension in Cameroon following the appointment of Marc Brys as the new coach of the Indomitable Lions. Fécafoot, headed by Samuel Eto'o, denounces a unilateral decision taken by the state authorities.

Are we heading straight for a major soccer crisis in Cameroon?Very probably. While Samuel Eto'o, elected president of the Cameroon Football Federation in December 2021, is facing a number of internal challenges, another has just been opened up on Tuesday April 2 with the appointment of a new coach. The appointment of Marc Brys to replace Rigobert Song is not going down well within the Federation. And understandably so. Cameroon's soccer governing body was apparently not consulted on the choice of the Belgian coach from 61. Yet it is the Federation itself that has the prerogative to appoint a coach. In a press release, the Fécafoot denounced the decision.

"The Cameroon Football Federation has learned, at the same time as all Cameroonians, the appointment to positions of responsibility within the National Senior Selection of men's soccer. Fécafoot expresses its great astonishment at this act, which runs counter to the terms of Decree N°2014/384 of July 26, 2014 on the organization and functioning of national soccer teams," says the body headed by Samuel Eto'o.

Fécafoot clearly has no intention of stopping at this statement of indignation. "This unilateral decision comes at a time when Fécafoot has agreed to follow the instructions of the President of the Republic by collaborating openly with a view to achieving a calm that will benefit the future of our beloved Indomitable Lions. FECAFOOT intends to shed light on this regrettable situation, and will communicate without delay on the reaction it intends to reserve," writes the Cameroon Football Federation.

The consequences for Cameroonian soccer could be dire if Fécafoot and the state authorities fail to reach an agreement.

FIFA could sanction Cameroon for government interference and suspend the Indomitable Lions from all competitions. And finally, set up a normalization committee as in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This may well be the hidden agenda of certain state authorities seeking to get rid of Samuel Eto'o.

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