DR Congo - Ligue 1: End of crisis or just a truce?

RDC les clubs frondeurs acceptent de jouer la Ligue 1
DR Congo - Ligue 1: End of crisis or just a truce?

The crisis is now over between the clubs and FECOFA's Normalisation Committee regarding the Ligue 1 championship. The last remaining clubs have finally decided to play.

DRC clubs agree to play Ligue 1

Ligue 1 in the DRC can finally be played regularly, with all 20 clubs involved.The tug-of-war between FECOFA's Normalisation Committee and certain clubs, supported by the Minister of Sport, is over. However, the format of the championship, which was the main point of disagreement between the two parties, has not changed.

Unofficial government intervention

Despite the fact that CONOR's format of a championship with two groups of ten clubs each was maintained, as contested by some clubs, the latter were finally obliged to play. According to Sport News Africa, some members of the Association des dirigeants de soccer de la RDC (ADFCO) were received by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, to discuss the situation. They were asked not to create a climate of revolt in an election year in the DRC. In return, they are expected to send a list of demands to the President of the Republic, asking for the government's support.

The first step moved

After this meeting with the DRC Minister of the Interior, all the remaining clubs agreed to play. This was the case for AC Rangers, the club of the ADFCO president, who, after losing their first match by forfeit against OC Renaissance du Congo due to absence, did play their second match against FC les Aigles du Congo (0-0). This will also be the case for other rebel clubs, such as AC Kuya Sport, who, after failing to take the field against DCMP on the first day, have confirmed their presence in Goma this Sunday, September 3, to play their second match against AS Dauphin Noir.

After two seasons without a full championship, Congolese fans are hoping to see a regular season for their Ligue 1 championship. This despite the fragilities between CONOR and the clubs.

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