Fécafoot: Amateur clubs demand Samuel Eto'o's resignation

Samuel Eto'o sort de ses gonds
Fécafoot: Amateur clubs demand Samuel Eto'o's resignation

The mandate of the President of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot) is more than ever under threat from suspicions of favoritism and match-fixing.

Shockwaves are shaking the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot). The head of the organization, former Indomitable Lions striker Samuel Eto'o, is in FIFA's crosshairs. According to reliable sources, the world soccer body is investigating not only the contract signed by Fécafoot and a sports betting company, but also the alleged involvement of its president in match-fixing in his country.

Already weakened by all these affairs, amplified by the explosive revelations of its former 4th vice-president Henry Njalla Quan, a new threat hangs over the mandate of the former FC Barcelona striker. It comes from the Association des Clubs de Football Amateurs du Cameroun (Acfac). The organization's Executive Board met in extraordinary session on Friday July 21, 2023. The aim: to deal with the telephone recording that has been circulating on the web since July 18, raising serious suspicions about the alleged involvement of Fécafoot president Eto'o in the promotion of Victoria United (Opopo) to the top flight.

Towards the creation of a Normalisation Committee?

Following on from the statements attributed to Eto'o in this conversation, Acfac notes with regret that Fécafoot is now an organization at the service of a few individuals. Thus, "in view of the extreme seriousness of this situation, which has further damaged the image of Cameroonian soccer internationally, and hence the very image of Cameroon itself", the said Association demands the immediate resignation of the President of Fécafoot. It also calls for the immediate resignation of all members of the Fécafoot Executive Committee, whose "complicit silence" has "encouraged Cameroonian soccer to be taken hostage by a mafia-like organization".

The Acfac Executive Board also deplores the silence of the Cameroonian government, in particular the Minister of Sports, who "refuses to exercise his legal prerogatives to put an end to this killing off of Cameroonian soccer".
Lastly, the Acfac Executive Board announced that it would be urgently contacting the FIFA President to request the intervention of the FIFA Council with a view to setting up a Normalisation Committee to head Fécafoot. Acfac has already brought down three successive Fécafoot executives between 2013 and 2021.

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