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Fécafoot: The backlash to Samuel Eto'o's resignation

Samuel Eto'o
Fécafoot: The backlash to Samuel Eto'o's resignation

On his return from a failed Africa Cup of Nations match in Côte d'Ivoire, Samuel Eto'o, President of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fécafoot), tendered his resignation to the body's Executive Committee.

Samuel Eto'o wants to quit Fécafoot. On his return from Côte d'Ivoire, where Cameroon failed to reach the last 16 of the current AFCON 2023, the Fécafoot president presented his resignation to the body's Executive Committee in Yaoundé, the country's capital. The meeting took place on Monday February 05. The shock announcement of the Cameroon soccer boss's resignation shook the members of the federal executive body present.


Resignation aborted

According to information from the Fécafoot General Secretary, Samuel Eto'o announced his intention to step down as President at the start of the meeting, inviting the members of the Executive Committee to do likewise "in all conscience". However, after heated exchanges and intense deliberation, the members voted unanimously to reject President Eto'o's resignation, renewing their confidence in him to continue the work of rebuilding and developing Cameroon soccer.

"Another scam by Samuel Eto'o"

The decision prompted mixed reactions from the Cameroon soccer community. One outspoken Eto'o critic told SNA: "This is another Samuel Eto'o scam.You don't offer your resignation; you hand it in and walk away.It's clear that this is just another stunt on his part. Eto'o does not and will never resign. All this is to give the impression that he's staying on, despite the failures and scandals, because the Executive Committee supports him. Which is obviously not true".

This controversy comes against a backdrop of disappointing results for Cameroon's national teams over the last two years. In addition, Fécafoot has been plagued by scandals since Samuel Eto'o's election as president, fuelling criticism and questions about his ability to lead the body effectively.

Despite these challenges, the former Barcelona striker is expected to continue his mission to turn around Cameroonian soccer. However, the Executive Committee's decision to keep him in his post raises questions about the true will for change within Fécafoot, and raises concerns about the future of Cameroonian soccer under his leadership. The pressure remains on Samuel Eto'o.

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