Feguifoot - Presidency: Who are the 4 candidates vying for the seat?

Feguifoot - Presidency: Who are the 4 candidates vying for the seat?

The election for the presidency of the Guinean Football Federation (Feguifoot) is scheduled for November 25, 2023. Following a call for candidates, only 4 personalities have submitted their files. We take a closer look at the 4 candidates who, on the evening of November 25, will see one of them take over the reins of Guinean soccer for the next four years.

After almost two years of transitional management, the election of a new president of the Guinean Football Federation (Feguifoot) is scheduled for November 25. According to article 12 of the electoral code, the Electoral Commission has ten working days to examine all the applications and that's taking into account the last candidacy. In the meantime, the candidates have already begun to seek support.

It remains to be seen who will lead Guinean soccer for the next four years on the evening of November 25. Four candidates have declared their candidacy for the Feguifoot presidency.

Abdoul Karim Bangoura: the man from the inner circle

Abdoul Karim Bangoura, better known as AKB, the former Guinean international, was the first to submit his candidacy. A close friend of the former president of the Guinean Football Federation, Mamadou Antonio Souaré, for whom he was a candidate for the vice-presidency, AKB has managed to forge a solid relationship. After having announced his candidacy with former Guinean internationals Morlaye Soumah ''Colovati'', Souleymane Oularé and Kanfory Sylla, it's now the turn of former captain Aboubacar Titi Camara to join the ship. AKB can count on the support of these former internationals to take over the Feguifoot chair.

Aboubacar Dinah Sampil: the revenant

Bouba Sampil has been involved in Guinean sport for over three decades, including many years at the helm of AS Kaloum, and is running for the Feguifoot presidency. As head of the collective for the defense of Guinean soccer, the former president of AS Kaloum (Ligue 1) can pride himself on having forged solid alliances. His list includes representatives of clubs such as Guinea 2023 champions Hafia FC, AS Kaloum and Loubha FC, promoted to Ligue 1, as well as Milo FC, a transfer from G47.Reputedly close to the Normalisation Committee, Bouba Sampil is the candidate of the Collective for the Defense of Guinean Football, opposed to the G47.

Mathurin Bangoura, for continuity?

A former president of the Guinean Professional Football League and president of Club Industriel de Kamsar (Ligue 1 Guinée), Mathurin Bangoura has a wealth of experience in the Guinean sports world. The first president of the Guinean Professional Football League (LGFP), he was one of the architects of the professionalization of the Guinean championship. As an active member of the G47, a coalition of the majority of statutory members which came into being to oppose the excesses of the Normalisation Committee, Mathurin Bangoura has managed to forge relationships that are no mean feat.Leading the G47, the coalition that brought him to its head, Mathurin Bangoura enjoys the support of clubs such as Horoya AC. But also the president of the Amateur League. According to the members of this coalition, his candidacy is sponsored by the former president of Feguifoot, Mamadou Antonio Souaré.

Almamy Saidou Sylla: the frustrated G47 player

Almamy Saidou Sylla is the youngest of all the candidates to have applied for the Feguifoot presidency, and is the president of SOAR Académie, the last Guinean representative in interclub competitions this season. President of the club since its creation in 2008, Almamy Saidou Sylla was an active member of G47, before slamming the door at the last minute to go it alone and submit his candidacy. On the strength of his historic qualification for interclub competitions, which has saved Guinea's CAF rating, he hopes to ride this wave to the presidency of Feguifoot. His supporters also include former Guinean internationals Kamil Zayatte and Fodé Mansaré.As does the president of the women's league, Oumou Banouna Sy.

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