Football - Burkina Faso - Ligue 1: AS Douanes and Vitesse FC make history

Football - Burkina Faso - Ligue 1: AS Douanes and Vitesse FC make history

At the end of a crazy season, in which we had to wait until the penultimate day to get the outcome, some teams shone, others were assured and others disappointed. Here's a look back at Burkina Faso's Ligue 1 for the 2022-2023 season.

AS Douanes, champions of Burkina Faso.

Burkina Faso's national first division football championship, Ligue 1 for the 2022-2023 season, came to an end on 21 May after eight months of competition. The succession of Rail Club du Kadiogo (RCK) began in September 2022. With 67 points, the Gabelous of AS Douanes won their first title in their history. After stalling several times, AS Police eventually fell down to the lower division along with Real du Faso. In all, 240 matches were played, with 153 wins, 87 draws and 423 goals scored in the 5 stadiums selected for the competition (Ouagadougou, Koudougou, Lamizana, Bobo-Dioulasso and Ziniaré), an average of 1.76 goals per match.

AS Police in the red

Having thrashed ASEC Koudougou 5-0 on Matchday 20, Majestic Sporting Club de Saponé's academy students achieved their biggest win of the season. With eight goals scored, the Salitas FC - AS Douanes match on Matchday 3 remains the most prolific in terms of goals. The day with the most goals was matchday 7, when 21 goals were scored, while the day with the fewest goals was matchday 13, when 7 goals were scored. Having scored 47 goals, AS Douanes ended the season as the league's top scorers.

AS Police had the worst attack of the season with 11 goals. Like their attack, AS Douanes finished first in terms of defence, conceding 18 goals. As well as having the worst attack, AS Police also had the worst defence of the season with 43 goals conceded. AS Douanes also finished as the team with the most wins during the season, with 19. More draws for RCK, ASFB and AS Sonabel, who finished top of the table with 14 draws. AS Police lost 20 of their 30 games.

Vitesse FC, favourite of the season

Ivorian Salif Bagaté of Salitas FC was top scorer with 18 goals, while Burkinabe Michel Batiebo of AS Douanes scored 15. With 9 assists, Mazou Bambara of Majestic SC was the season's top passer.

Nobody expected them to be in this position on the final day of Burkina Faso's Ligue 1, least of all themselves: Vitesse FC's Guépards lost their final match against champions AS Douanes to finish third in the league this season on 50 points. A first in the club's history.

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