Football - Burkina Faso: The league's highest-paid players

Burkina Faso les joueurs les mieux payés du championnat
Football - Burkina Faso: The league's highest-paid players

In this report on the remuneration of the best-paid footballers in Burkina Faso's Ligue 1 over the last 2022-2023 financial year, we would like to point out that this ranking is based solely on the gross monthly salary paid by clubs to their footballers. It does not take into account transfer fees, match bonuses, which vary from team to team, or the various benefits that players may receive from their personal investments.

AS Douanes flood the standings

Gabelous AS Douanes dominate Burkina Faso's Ligue 1. The club, which moved up to D1 5 years ago, has developed its image in the world of Burkinabe soccer. The combination of this success, which is more commercial in nature, and sporting successes such as the Coupe du Faso and the 2022-2023 league title, has enabled AS Douanes to build a solid team of top players. To attract them, the customs club has not hesitated to grant them substantial salaries, since the eleven highest-paid footballers are AS Douanes employees in this ranking of the highest-paid players in Burkina Faso's Ligue 1, financial year 2022-2023.

Amadou Zon, highest paid player

AS Douanes defender Amadou Zon is the highest-paid player in Burkina Faso's Ligue 1 at 533.82 euros. He is followed by five players: Clavert Kiendrébeogo, Clément Pitroipa, Michel Batiébo, Hamed Hervé Diomandé and Mickael Ibeh, who earn around 457.56 euros. Excluding AS Douanes from the ranking, Abdoulaye Zongo dit Kouri of Etoile Filante de Ouagadougou (EFO) and Rachid Sana of Asfa Yennega top the list at 419.43 Euros gross per month. At 381.30 Euros, eight other players, including five from AS Douanes, two from Salitas FC and one from Asfa Yennega, complete the ranking. They include AS Douanes players Omar Kaboré, Hermann Nikièma, Issouf Soso, Yaya Sanou and Abdallah Sana, Souleymane Kouanda and Salif Bagaté of Salitas FC and Cheick Ouédraogo of Asfa Yennega.

Ranking of highest-paid players in Burkina Faso

Amadou Zon (AS Douanes), 533.82 Euros,

Clavert Kiendrébeogo (AS Douanes), 457.56 Euros,

Clément Pitroipa (AS Douanes), 457.56 Euros,

Michel Batiébo (AS Douanes), 457.56 Euros,

Hamed Hervé Diomandé (AS Douanes), 457.56 Euros,

Mickael Ibeh (AS Douanes), 457.56 Euros,

Abdoulaye Zongo dit Kouri (EFO), 419.43 Euros,

Rachid Sana (Asfa Yennega), 419.43 Euros,

Omar Kaboré (AS Douanes), 381.30 Euros,

Hermann Nikièma (AS Douanes), 381.30 Euros

Issouf Soso (AS Douanes), 381,30 Euros,

Yaya Sanou (AS Douanes), 381,30 Euros,

Abdallah Sana (AS Douanes), 381,30 Euros,

Souleymane Kouanda (Salitas FC), 381,30 Euros,

Salif Bagaté (AS Douanes), 381,30 Euros,

Cheick Ouédraogo (AS Douanes), 381,30 Euros.

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