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Football - Greece: Cedric Yambéré laments racist insults from fans

Cédric Yambéré
Football - Greece: Cedric Yambéré laments racist insults from fans

Racist shouts are becoming commonplace in soccer stadiums. Cédric Yambéré explains his bitter experience of last weekend in Greece.

Cédric Yambéré has been the victim of racist shouting. The Central African international (13 caps) experienced this mishap last Sunday during a friendly match of his team, PAE Chania (second division) against Irodotos FC. At the 43rd minute of the match, the 31-year-old player decided to leave the field. Because he was fed up with the insults and racist gestures.

The former player of Bordeaux and Dijon told his ordeal. It began well before the game. "Already, during the warm-up, it seemed to me to hear words. I didn't say anything. And then, at one point, I made a foul on the edge of the touchline. There it was clear: 'dirty Africans' and insults to that effect, 'hakuna matata' and monkey-like gestures from the opposing fans. I then got angry and went to them to explain myself. An opposing player, I think, heard and came over to try to calm me down. Seeing my condition, the referee asked me to leave the field. I explained what happened, asked my teammates to leave. The entourage tried to calm down, explaining that it was a friendly and it was decided to continue the game, "said Cedric Yambéré in Sud-Ouest.

The continuation before the judge?
Cédric Yambéré has suffered. The former captain of Bordeaux could nevertheless not stop there. The idea of filing a complaint against his torturers is on his mind. "It is atrocious to live that. Whatever the color of skin, origin or religion, it's unacceptable. I'm thinking of filing a complaint but, apart from maybe the opposing player, I don't think anyone else has heard. It's my word against theirs, but I would never make that up.

After this event, PAE Chania showed its support to Cedric Yambéré. However, it is not certain that this move will easily diffuse this misadventure.


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