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Football - National teams: These Africans from elsewhere

Ange-Samuel Kouamé-Africains
Football - National teams: These Africans from elsewhere

Some players of African origin play for European, Asian and South American national teams that no one would have thought of spontaneously. Here's a quick rundown...

Ange-Samuel Kouamé, the Ivorian turned Taiwanese international

For a long time now, many European national teams have been mixed, with players from a wide range of countries, including Africa.France, Portugal, England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavian teams are the main ones, but they are no longer the only ones.While the trend remains relatively marginal in Eastern Europe, it is becoming less so elsewhere, and the presence of players of African origin is reported in several selections less exposed than those mentioned above.

Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Azerbaijan also have an African touch

This is the case of the Faroe Islands, with Samuel Johansen Chukwudi, born on the archipelago to a Faroese mother and a Nigerian father, or Gibraltar, with Mohamed Badr, born in Cairo, and Aymen Mouelhi and Ayoub El Hmidi, of Tunisian origin. Born in Spain to an Angolan father and Azerbaijani mother, Eddy Pascualk now wears the Azerbaijan jersey. Sofiane Ikene, born in Luxembourg to Algerian parents, is now a Grand-Ducal international, while Michael Omosanya, whose parents are Nigerian, has also become a Luxembourg international. Max Ebong plays for Belarus, the country of his mother, where he was born, his father being Cameroonian.

In Malta, Yannick Yankam, of Cameroonian origin, the brothers Joseph and Paul Mbong, and Kyrian Nwokwo, of Nigerian descent, now wear the tunic of the island selection. The latter's father, Chuks, was also a naturalized Maltese, becoming an international for the small Mediterranean island. Eire, for their part, rely on a strong minority of players of Nigerian origin: Gavin Bazungu, Festy Ebosele, Andrew Omobamidele, Adal Idah, Jonathan Afolabi and Lagos-born Chiedozie Ogbene.

Kouamé, Enoumba, Kojo, now internationals for Taiwan, Bolivia and Tajikistan

In Asia, Ange-Samuel Kouamé, born in Côte d'Ivoire, now plays for Taiwan, where he recently obtained his nationality. Michael Udubuluzor, of Nigerian origin, and Mahama Awal, born in Cameroon, defend the colors of Hong Kong, and are due to take part in the Asian Nations Cup in Qatar in January. They could also come up against Joel Kojo, born in Ghana and now a player for Tajikistan. In Australia, three internationals have African roots: Nestory Irankunda (Tanzania), Garang Kuol and Awer Mabil (South Sudan). Cameroon's Marc-François Enoumba, born in Douala, has become a Bolivian international in 2021.

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