Football - Scandal: Molina and FECAFOOT at daggers drawn

Football - Scandal: Molina and FECAFOOT at daggers drawn

There's some tension ongoing between journalist Romain Molina and FECAFOOT, with both parties seemingly not looking at truce as an option.

French investigative journalist Romain Molina has accused Ghana and Cameroon of racketeering their players in the World Cup finals in Qatar.

Cameroon's Football Federation responded with a statement attacking the journalist, as the body claimed Molina had attempted a blackmail on FA president, Samuel Eto'o.

The Frenchman then made a famous video on Youtube where he denounced the football industry in Cameroon, describing it as criminal.

For starters, Romain Molina recently accused Ghana and Cameroon of practicing racketeering in the national team. Some players, according to him, have donated part of their bonuses to the technical staff after the World Cup, while some bought places.

Claims which the Cameroon FA reacted with a press release. FECAFOOT affirmed that the latter tried to blackmail Samuel Eto'o recently, by asking him for 25,000 euros to silence certain information he held.

The author of several behind-the-scenes uncovering of football crimes immediately reacted by posting images of his last conversations with Samuel Eto'o on Twitter and claiming to had already asked his lawyer to hop on the case.

Molina who is equally noted to battle against pedocrime in the world of sports then responded virulently to the Cameroonian football federation asking them in particular to apologize for this press release deemed "false".

The journo who currently resides in Belgium, posted a chart with someone allegedly claiming to be him, demanding monies from Eto'o's collaborators in the early hours of Saturday, Dec. 10.

"I think i write a little better French (“I reported”) the “blackmailer” pretending to be me with the number (+33 7 74 56 43 62) - that is not mine!

"As for FECAFOOT, They knew it wasn't me, but insinuated that to distract me," Molina stated.

Both parties have promised litigation as it promises to be a crunch end to all the chaos.

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