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Football - Senegal: League firmly tackles mystical practices

Football - Senegal: League firmly tackles mystical practices

The Ligue sénégalaise de soccer professionnel (Senegalese Professional Football League) has carried out the draw to determine the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 fixtures for the 2023-2024 season. To mark the occasion, the authority revealed the strong measures taken against mystical practices, with sanctions ranging from the withdrawal of points to defeat on the green carpet.

Génération Foot is already preparing to put its Senegalese league title back on the line for another season. On Saturday, September 23, the Senegalese Professional Football League drew lots to determine the fixture list for the 2023-2024 season. While players, fans and observers were eager to find out which clashes would be played out on Senegalese pitches, all eyes were on a new development: the fight against mystical practices.

A first in the history of the Senegalese championship. The Pro League's directors have finally decided to take the bull by the horns to eradicate this scourge which is preventing local soccer from moving on to the next stage.

Known in the local language as "Khons", these occult practices, which are not compatible with professional life, are a source of violence in stadiums. In the Senegal Cup semi-final between Jaraaf and Guediawaye FC, the match was interrupted by stone-throwing following a refereeing decision. Prior to this, a fight broke out on the pitch between players over mystical practices. These are deplorable images that are detrimental to Senegalese soccer.

The League takes strong action against mystical practices

When questioned about this dark stain on the development of local soccer, the league has never been able to come up with a solution. This time, they've decided to put their foot down. On the set of 2STV, a Senegalese TV channel, the league's directors made the announcement. From now on, a match commissioner will be responsible for detecting mystical practices, drawing up a report and sending it to the disciplinary committee for a ruling. The LSFP wants to make its mark with heavy penalties to encourage clubs to abandon these practices.

Instead of imposing fines, the league could go as far as withdrawing championship points for those guilty of "witchcraft". The penalty could also include losing the match in question on the green carpet. A strong decision that will be applied from the start of the new season.

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