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Football - Tottenham: Yves Bissouma's boss size at last?

Yves Bissouma et Pape Matar Sarr
Football - Tottenham: Yves Bissouma's boss size at last?

Mali international midfielder Yves Bissouma (27) has been dazzling the Premier League this season. He makes an impressive physical impact in Spurs' midfield. What's more, he plays a far from negligible role in the attacking phases. In fact, he was named in the Premier League's top eleven for August.

Yves Bissouma, Tottenham's strong link

In the current Premier League season, now in its 4th matchday, if you had to name the key player in Tottenham's success (2nd, 10 pts with 3 wins and 1 draw), it would be Yves Bissouma.His figures are impressive. He is the player with the most tackles (12), an average of 3 per game. To his range of skills, we must add his ability to perforate. With 9 successful dribbles, he ranks 3rd in this category as a defensive midfielder.

His performance against Brentford was the perfect illustration of his new-found talent. He attempted 126 passes, won 9/12 of his duels, collected 7 balls and made 4 interceptions. At the end of the match, he was awarded the "man of the match" prize. And all his matches this season have been of the same ilk. Midfielders from Manchester United, Burnley, Brentford and Bournemouth have all suffered his diktat in the middle of the park.

The 30 million euros Tottenham invested last season to sign him from Brighton now seem derisory, after the doubts raised by his difficult first season. Indeed, the player had a problem adapting at the start, as his then coach Antonio Conte pointed out."The only player who is struggling a little with the tactical aspect is Bissouma, but he is also improving a lot in all aspects," he said. The player then suffered an injury in February that kept him out of action for 12 matches. This didn't help him settle into the eleven, which was also too changeable.

Postecoglou: The man behind Bissouma's revival

With a new coach and a new sporting project under his belt, and no doubt with the confidence placed in him, the player is returning the favor to technician Postecoglou, who has entrusted him with the keys to the midfield. Confidence makes a man different!To illustrate the role of the coach on collective and individual performances, we should also mention the revival of Pape Matar Sarr, the performances of young Udogie, and the successful integration of Madisson. He is therefore an undeniable factor in the Malian's current form. He had the wrong idea when he chose the former Lille player over other references. Indeed, he has relegated to the bench such established names as Hojberg, a Danish international and a key player in recent years. The coach has also chosen to do without players like Lo Celso. This may show the extent of the player's talent and what he has to show in daily training sessions.

Potential not ignored, but yet to be confirmed at a top club Coming back to the Malian player, who has 23 caps to his name, his potential was not unknown to Premier League connoisseurs.For 2 seasons (62 games played), he had radiated his talent around the league with Brighton. Which explains why, prior to his decision to join Tottenham, he was the subject of a bitter battle among the Top-6: Liverpool, City, United... All the clubs had their sights set on him!Many felt that, given his talent, he deserved to play for a team with European ambitions.

Doubts may have crossed some people's minds about his ability to impose himself in a big team, to show character in a big club. But these doubts have been swept aside by his start to the season. He shows a complete range of skills: physical volume and impact, the ability to get the ball rolling again, the ability to drive the game forward, and a monster of a retriever.He is currently the Londoners' essential link. Many, no doubt, regret Conte's late dismissal, which delayed his rise to prominence. In any case, Spurs fans see a player who has been transformed, and is almost the rookie of the season.

Continuity in performance: Yves Bissouma's challenge

Now that the Malian has shown his full potential to the fans, the question of his talent and his status as unshakeable or almost unshakeable no longer arises. As a result, he will be eagerly awaited by all to help Tottenham return to the Champions League and keep the title favourites at bay for as long as possible. It's a long season, and we'll be able to judge whether he has what it takes. Another important aspect of his ability to continue expressing his art is to stay injury-free. The player suffered from this last year. With this in mind, Yves Bissouma should not be used too much, and the coach should rotate the squad. Tottenham are already eliminated from one of the cups.

With all these favourable factors combined, plus Tottenham becoming a regular fixture, there's no doubt that the Malian will be one of the best players in the league at the end of the season. For that, let the fans knock on wood to keep the momentum going.

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