Italy: Adrien Sandjo Cameroonian footballer dies after a cardiac arrest

Italy: Adrien Sandjo Cameroonian footballer dies after a cardiac arrest

The young Cameroonian footballer Adrien Sandjo has lost his life after suffering a cardiac arrest. The 18-year-old striker collapsed in the first 15 minutes of the second half during a regional U19 match in Turin on Wednesday 22 December. "He fell down once, then got up again, but a moment later he collapsed again," said the fans in the stands.

Adrien Sandjo's collapse is reminiscent of that of Denmark's Christian Eriksen at Euro 2020. Adrien Sandjo suddenly collapsed on the pitch in front of his teammates. They huddled around the striker in the same way that the Danes had protected their teammates. He was rescued by the medical team of the regional committee of the amateur league, which had used a defibrillator. Sandjo was taken to hospital. Doctors tried to resuscitate him before placing him in an artificial coma. The Cameroonian was eventually taken off the machines. Doctors declared him brain dead on the night of Thursday 23 December.

Adrien Sandjo was only 18 years old but had many dreams. He wanted to become a professional footballer and support his family after the death of his father. He had been on loan at Cit Torino for a year. Sandjo can, however, leave with peace of mind. Because he will save lives. His family has decided to donate organs. The liver, corneas and kidneys will save the lives of at least four people.

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